Extensive gas leaks in the North Sea: Abandoned wells

At abandoned oil and gas wells in the North Sea, considerable quantities of the potent greenhouse gas methane escape uncontrolled into the water. These leaks account for the dominant part of the total …

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New study confirms extensive gas leaks in the North Sea

During expeditions to oil and gas reservoirs in the central North … The results clearly show that thousands of tons of methane are leaking from old drill holes on the North Sea floor every …

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Activists: Elephant meat sold openly amid ‘extensive’ slaughter in Central … – (blog) (blog)

Activists: Elephant meat sold openly amid 'extensive' slaughter in Central (blog)
By Ian Johnston, Staff Writer, NBC News. An "extensive" slaughter of elephants appears to be underway in the Central African Republic with reports of their meat being sold openly in markets, according to activists. Rebel fighters pushed into Bangui
Field Reports Indicate Slaughter of ElephantsScience Daily (press release)
Elephants Slaughtered Amidst Chaos in Central African RepublicEnvironment News Service
Elephant poaching on the rise in Central African RepublicSalon
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