Oil-leak trick: ₹4.5 lakh stolen from factory owner’s SUV in Ludhiana

Two men on a scooter alerted the victim of oil leaking from his SUV and made off with his bag when he got down to examine the issue.

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GM Rebrands Hamtramck Plant As Factory ZERO; Hummer Available Late 2021

GM Detroit-Hamtramck Unveils Factory ZERO SignReaffirming its continued commitment to a zero-crashes, zero-emissions, and zero-congestion future, General Motors today announced the rebranding of the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Center as Factory ZERO. With a $ 2.2 billion investment, the plant is currently being reconfigured to an all-electric vehicle assembly plant


Tesla “Pilot” Battery Factory = 13th Largest in World

Tesla revealed at its Battery Day this week that it intends to produce 3 terawatt-hours (TWh) of batteries a year by 2030. That’s more than Benchmark Mineral Intelligence (aka Benchmark Minerals) was forecasting for all lithium-ion battery production combined before Battery Day


The Tesla Fremont Factory Roller Coaster — Reopening Or Not Reopening?

Tesla says 30% of its workforce at the factory in Fremont will be back to work this weekend. County officials say Tesla does not have permission to restart production.


Energy Storage News: CATL Factory In Germany & Rio Tinto’s Lithium Plant In California

CATL battery factorySupply increases to meet demand. CATL is building its first battery factory outside China in Germany and Rio Tinto says leftover rocks from its borax mine in California may have a higher concentration of lithium that any other US location.


A Giant Factory Rises to Make a Product Filling Up the World: Plastic

The plant is one of more than a dozen that are being built or have been proposed around the world by petrochemical companies like Exxon Mobil and Dow, including several in nearby Ohio and West …

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Honda To Close Swindon Factory In 2021. Is Brexit Or The Switch To Electric Cars To Blame?

Honda production Swindon UKHonda has announced it is closing its factory at Swindon, UK because it needs to adjust its manufacturing priorities for the coming of electric cars. Some observers are skeptical, saying it’s all about Brexit. Either way, the world of auto manufacturing is changing and may never be the same.


Racism At Tesla Factory? Say It Isn’t So, Joe!

The New York Times has described the Tesla factory in Fremont as a hotbed of racism, but its story misses the point completely.


Tesla Speeding Up Chinese Factory Due To Trump Trade War

The tariffs imposed by the Trump administration are encouraging Tesla to get its Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai built sooner so it can start manufacturing cars in China. The company says it costs up to 60% more to build a car in the US than in China.


In A Win For The Robots, First Solar To Open New US Factory

How Trump’s new solar tariff enabled First Solar to leverage its thin film PV technology over the competition, company plans gigantic new factory in Ohio