Justice Department announces final settlement with BP over 2010 oil spill in Gulf of Mexico

But Miyoko Sakashita, oceans director at the Center for Biological Diversity, said the oil spill had damaged the Gulf region in a way that money could never fix. She said the real solution would be in curbing offshore oil and gas drilling. “All of this …
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Arctic drilling: Royal Dutch Shell granted final permit for exploration of possible oil reserves off Alaska

Experts say the Fennica, described as a “capping stack”, could be used to seal the well in the event of a leak. Campaigners have reacted angrily to the decision, blaming the Obama administration for drilling in the Arctic, which activists say risks …
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DEP releases final draft rules on Marcellus drilling

The revisions also were drafted to improve data management of drilling operations in a more transparent manner … they look better, but they still leak,” Grenter said. The Marcellus Shale Coalition, a Green Tree industry trade group, complained …
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Shell Gets Final OK for Arctic Oil Drilling But Must Await Spill Gear

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Interior Department on Wednesday granted Royal Dutch Shell its final two permits to explore for oil in the Arctic this summer, but said the company cannot drill until required emergency equipment arrives. The department’s Bureau of …
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Final Regulations Promote More Fracking in California

Cuomo’s Lead and Ban Fracking to Protect California’s Water OAKLAND … the recent Refugio oil spill in Santa Barbara has been tied to offshore oil rigs that have used acidizing and are seeking permits to frack. Moreover, the industry continues …
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‘UFO spotted in Antarctica’: Is this final proof of flying saucers on planet … –

'UFO spotted in Antarctica': Is this final proof of flying saucers on planet
Or is it simply a black mark on a satellite image that people have interpreted as a crashed UFO as they desperately search for 'evidence' to back up wild claims about extra-terrestrial life coming into contact with the earth? According to 'researcher
Crashed 250-foot flying saucer spotted in Antarctica on Google EarthMetro
Alien Hunter 'Finds UFO Stranded In Antarctica'
'UFO' spotted in Antarctica triggers speculations of aliens on EarthFinancial Express
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UEFA Champions League Final In Berlin Using 100+ Electric Vehicles From Nissan

UEFA Champions League Final In Berlin Using 100+ Electric Vehicles From Nissan

Originally published on EV Obsession. Nissan will be pulling out all the stops for the upcoming UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) Champions League soccer/football final in Berlin tomorrow — with regard to electric vehicles anyways — as part of its partnership with the noted sports competition and organization. The company will reportedly be supplying more than

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Antarctica: Explore the final frontier – New Zealand Herald

Antarctica: Explore the final frontier
New Zealand Herald
No matter the draw, a strong dose of humour, patience and humility, not to mention tens of thousands of dollars, are an essential part of any Antarctica holiday. Without fail, every year some tourists are left waiting for the sun to come out, or for a

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Final report finds several faults in Gulf oil spill – USA Today

A mix of shoddy safety practices by the oil industry, a blowout preventer that was never adequately tested, and the failure of a concrete cap led to last year’s historic Gulf of Mexico oil spill, an expert panel concluded Wednesday. The Macondo …
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Three-city water plan gets final approval by Ecology – Tacoma News Tribune

Olympia, Lacey and Yelm are close to final approval by the state Department of Ecology of their plans to expand their water supplies for future growth. The new water rights for the three cities – more than 15 years in the making – have …
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