States’ efforts to curb fracking-related earthquakes appear to be paying off

While fracking itself is rarely the cause of quakes, it is one reason there is so much more wastewater to dispose of, Bidgoli said. Injection wells have been safely used for wastewater disposal for decades, with permission from the U.S. Environmental …
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Fracking-related earthquakes continue in Oklahoma

Arkansas is again cited as a state that successfully began regulating disposal of fracking wastewater after evidence emerged that injection wells — in which spent large amounts of spent fracking fluid are forced underground for disposal — were …
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Excessive concern over fracking-related earthquakes ‘not supported by research,’ report says

“In the small number of isolated instances where there was contamination, poorly constructed water wells or improper handling of wastewater were often to blame,” Green added. Regarding concern over fracking’s impact on air quality, the report found …
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Political tremors: Kansas officials link earthquakes to fracking-related process

During hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” operators use a mixture of saltwater and chemicals to break underground rock formations in order to release oil and gas. Then, to get rid of the water, operators inject it deep into disposal wells.
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ExxonMobil slammed with $2.3 million fine for fracking-related water pollution

The EPA just hit XTO Energy, a subsidiary of ExxonMobil and the nation’s largest natural gas company, with a cool $ 2.3 million fine for Clean Water Act violations related to its fracking activities in West Virginia. This is big: you rarely hear about …
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