Sweden Takes Another Step Toward Freedom From Fossil Fuels

Gasoline and diesel vehicle bans became all the rage for a while a few years ago. One country after another announced plans or potential plans to stop selling fossil fuel vehicles by a certain year — 2030, 2040,


FERC Sides With Fossil Fuels In Forcing Renewables To Match Prices

The US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) announced a directive just a few days before Christmas which will require PJM Interconnection to raise prices of wind and solar power to be in line with the cost of fossil fuels


From Venice to Sydney, Extreme Weather Fuels Climate Change Debate – VOA News

From Venice to Sydney, Extreme Weather Fuels Climate Change Debate  VOA News

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Large Swaths Of Incoming Solar & Onshore Wind Are Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels

A new report published this week by the International Renewable Energy Agency has found that 77% of onshore wind projects and 83% of utility-scale solar PV projects set to be commissioned in 2020 will be cheaper than the lowest fossil fuel-fired generation prices. 


Twitter users have a field day after the Department of Energy dubs fossil fuels ‘freedom gas’

The statement is latest effort by the Trump administration to highlight one policy agenda — the expansion of the number of gas export terminals on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Earlier this month, …

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How Will Life Change If We Transition Away From Fossil Fuels?

As part of the trashing of the Green New Deal, the political right wing has claimed the deal will essentially ruin life as we know it, ban air travel, and even lead to cannibalism (no joke).Let’s take a look at reality


Fossil Fuels Phobia

Fracking is banned in the entire state of New … Three new pipelines connecting the Permian Basin to the Gulf are scheduled for completion next year. Their combined capacity will be more than …

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Costa Rica: 1st Country To Achieve Independence From Fossil Fuels?

Costa Rica’s new president has promised to continue his country’s transition to renewable energy and to work toward eliminating all fossil fuels for its transportation sector by 2021.


Regreening The Earth Could Lower Carbon Levels As Much As Ending Use Of Fossil Fuels

Scientist have released a report detailing 20 natural steps that can be taken to lower carbon levels. Number one is planting more trees.

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Anti-Fracking Movement Alarmed at Trump’s Focus on Fossil Fuels

Drilling and horizontal fracking generate enormous quantities of waste fluid. The waste liquid contains dissolved chemicals and other pollutants that need to be treated for recycling, and methane emissions, which pollutes more than carbon dioxide …
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