Tesla Model Y Engineer Job Opening, Hyundai Kona Gets Wireless Charging, & More (Electric SUV News)

Hyundai Kona electric SUVTesla recently posted a job opening for a Model Y engineer, suggesting it is moving forward with plans to produce its affordable electric SUV, but other companies are looking to get in on the fun as well


2018 Renault Zoe Gets New R110 Electric Motor (80 kW)

The newly unveiled 2018 Renault Zoe features a new electric motor, dubbed the R110, that will provide the model with higher power and increased acceleration, according to a new press release.


Workhorse Gets Approved To Test Its SureFly Electric Hybrid Helicopter

SureFly Electric Hybrid HelicopterThere is something going on at Workhorse, and its latest press release hints at what the company is trying to do. After the announcement of its newest electric vehicle (EV) van, it is now announcing that the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has given it a green light to fly its electric helicopter, the SureFly Electric Hybrid Helicopter


Official: 2017 Tesla Model 3 Long Range Gets Combined Efficiency Rating Of 126 MPGe (27 kWh/100 miles) From US EPA

The long-range version of the Tesla Model 3 (dubbed Tesla Model 3 Long Range) has now been granted its official US EPA figures, revealing that the new model possesses a combined efficiency of 126 MPGe or 27 kilowatt-hours (kWh) used per 100 miles travelled. This breaks down to an EPA city efficiency of 131 MPGe or 25.97 kWh per 100 miles and an EPA highway efficiency of 120 MPGe or 28.35 kWh per 100 miles

Polish Hotel Gets Tesla Model X For Concierge Service

What’s the hottest brand in the world — or at least the luxury world? Tesla, of course. So, what’s one of the best ways to boost your own brand? Link it with Tesla!

BP Stock (BP) Gets Fracking Fever – A Potential Game Changer

In fact, despite the low price of oil, BP stock has made the Gulf’s deep water a cornerstone of its future … BP is undertaking one of the largest fracking projects in the entire region. Moreover, that project is focused on natural gas.
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Wyoming gets $1.6M to address leaking oil storage tanks

CASPER, Wyo. (AP) — The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality has received a $ 1.6 million grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to help clean up contamination from leaking underground petroleum storage tanks. KTWO reports (http://bit …
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UK Care Home Gets Solar + Storage, Part of “Grey Fleet to Green Fleet” Project

battery storage at Broom Court

battery storage at Broom CourtAlong with investment partner Janom, Wattstor has created a battery storage system for the Broom Court assisted living facility owned by Blackwood Homes in Stirling, Scotland.

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Fix shale oil production pollution before it gets worse, study leader says

such as wastewater disposal – to drinking water pollution or the exponential rise in Texas earthquakes. “This study is yet another indication that the campaign to shut down fracking is based on politics, not science,” Steve Everley, spokesman for Texans …
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Fracking ban in Florida gets early Senate support

acid fracturing and matrix acidizing. The high-pressure process involves injecting large volumes of water, sand and chemicals into rock formations to release oil and natural gas from rock caverns deep underground. Environmentalists says it is too risky a …
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