Renewable Energy Gives Farmers Another Reason To Love It

renewable energy water sustainableRenewable energy is a win-win for farmers seeking to cut energy costs and gain new sources of revenue, but there’s a hydropower catch


Fredericton gives up trying to find source of mysterious oil leak

After two months of searching for the source of an underground oil leak into the Fredericton Region Museum, engineers are throwing in the towel. Record-high floodwaters this spring saturated the …

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Latest BNEF Report Gives The Lie To University Of Chicago Renewable Energy FUD

BNEF says renewable energy costs are continuing to fall faster than predicted, making renewable cost competitive with coal and gas power plants. But researchers at the University of Chicago claim renewable energy standards raises the cost of electricity. Both cannot be correct, so which is it?


Conservation & Adventure Travel Company Gives E-Bikes To All 85 Employees

A leading nature travel company, Natural Habitat Adventures, welcomed its staff back from the holidays by giving all 85 of them e-bikes, which will help clean up the local commute and support the company’s 100% carbon neutral policy


New tracking technology gives Australian scientists unprecedented … – ABC Online

ABC Online

New tracking technology gives Australian scientists unprecedented …
ABC Online
New technology is giving Australian scientists an unprecedented insight into the hidden world of seabirds in the harsh and inhospitable Antarctic environment.

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BYD Gives SkyRail System Its International Debut At C40 Summit In Mexico City


BYD’s elevated, layered urban transportation system SkyRail was given its international debut by the company at the recent C40 Mayors Summit in Mexico City, according to an email sent to CleanTechnica

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UK gives go-ahead to second ever shale gas permit

Britain’s government approved its second-ever shale gas fracking permit on Thursday, overruling a local authority decision and boosting the country’s position as Europe’s most promising shale gas exploration ground. Britain’s Secretary of State for …
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Shell Gives Up On Arctic Drilling

As WW reported last month: Arctic drilling has been contentious for decades. The infamous Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989 consisted of crude from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: The incident became a national symbol of environmental ruin. But melting …
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Group of drilling states gives guidance on fracking realted earthquakes

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – A group of U.S. drilling states, seismologists, academics and industry experts issued guidance Monday in a frank new report on handling human-induced earthquakes caused by hydraulic fracturing or the disposal of fracking wastewater.
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