How To Diagnose a Brake Fluid Leak And Am I Going to Crash?

Out of all the fluids that could be leaking from your car, brake fluid might be one of the hardest to diagnose. It doesn’t have a color, it doesn’t have a particularly strong smell, and it might not …

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Rock The Tesla Parade Going Miles Through Time To Fight Human Trafficking

This coming Saturday, December 12, Tesla owners will converge on Atlanta to take part in an official attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for the Longest Tesla Parade — an event organized by the Miles Through Time Automotive Museum


Volkswagen, Where Are You Going?

Escalation is the word that describes best what happened in recent weeks within Volkswagen, and it’s an escalation that is not helpful for CEO Herbert Diess, the Volkswagen Group, our society, Germany, or the environment


What’s The Biggest EV Story Of 2020 Going To Be — Tesla or Europe?

We’ve got a dramatic increase in EV sales and an even bigger increase in EV market share in Europe due to changing regulations there. Meanwhile, Tesla is blowing up


Tesla Model Y Explosion Going So Differently From Tesla Model 3 Explosion

This is something that has struck me several times, but I haven’t really seen people discussing the matter. It demonstrates, in its own special way, how far Tesla has come in a few short years. There are a few sides to it — production, company health, and stage of Tesla options. I’ll quickly discuss each of these


Climate Change Is Going to Make Extreme Weather Events Worse: Here’s Why – Newsweek

Climate Change Is Going to Make Extreme Weather Events Worse: Here’s Why  Newsweek

In general, extreme weather events are expected to become more frequent and intense, as global temperatures warm.

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Tesla Says, “Where We Are Going, We Don’t Need Stores”

82% of Tesla customers did not test drive a Model 3 before purchasing it. 82% of them! Why? First, the reputation and quality of Tesla precedes itself. Secondly, as I have written a few times before, Tesla is not just a company; it’s a movement. Some people are scoffing, “Who will buy a car without a test drive?” The answer: people who understand civilization could easily collapse if climate change is not addressed in a timely fashion, and people who want the best vehicle ever made by many accounts


Funny Thing Going On With $TSLA Revenue Estimates From Tesla Bears?

First of all, if a prominent analyst was very bearish on TSLA, you would think they’d have more bearish forecasts for Tesla’s quarterly deliveries, revenue, etc., right? At the least, you wouldn’t expect strongly bearish analysts to have the highest Tesla revenue estimates among major analysts, right


Open Letter To Catherine Wood About Tesla Going Private

While this letter was being prepared for publication, Elon Musk released the news that he decided not to follow through on his idea of taking Tesla private. That news made the goal of this letter obsolete. But the arguments in it are as valid today as they were yesterday, making it still worthy of publication


Tesla Staying Public — Tesla Coverage Going To Spin You Dizzy This Weekend

Word on the street (Tesla’s blog) is that Tesla CEO & Chairman Elon Musk has conceded to large investors and decided to keep Tesla public