Cleantech Startups Thrive When They Collaborate With Government Agencies

An international team of researchers claims that cleantech startups file more patents and raise more money when they collaborate with government research agencies. Their findings are relevant to the Green New Deal and carbon reduction research.


Government accused of killing fracking by forcing drilling firms to suspend work over tiny tremors

The Tories must shake themselves out of their paralysis, and find a backbone. A Greenpeace spokesman said: “Fracking has been an absolute waste of time. After nearly a decade of bluster and blunders, …

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Florida Government Publicly Takes Step to Ban Fracking in Florida

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection should begin the rulemaking process immediately and be sure to prohibit all forms of fracking including hydraulic fracturing, matrix acidizing and ac…

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Vast palm oil project in Papua must be investigated by government, watchdogs say

Last week, Mongabay, Tempo, Malaysiakini and Earthsight’s The Gecko Project published an investigation into the story behind the Tanah Merah project, an enormous palm oil development in Papua …

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Climate Lawsuit Against German Government Mirrors Our Children’s Trust Suit In US

Three farmers and Greenpeace have sued the German government, alleging it is not doing enough to meet the greenhouse gas reduction goals it set in 2007. Will German courts do what US courts refuse to do?


The government just made it easier for oil companies to leak methane on public land

California and New Mexico have sued over the Trump administration’s latest rollback of climate change protections to curb greenhouse gas emissions. The challenge came hours after the Bureau of Land Ma…

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UK Government Won’t Back Swansea Tidal Lagoon Project

The UK’s Business Secretary Greg Clark announced on Monday that the Government will not back the £1.3 billion, 320 megawatt (MW) Swansea Tidal Lagoon project in Wales, a move which has been described as “deeply disappointing” given the “massive potential” tidal lagoons have for providing clean electricity. 


Japan economy minister: Government has created environment for higher wages

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japanese Economy Minister Toshimitsu Motegi said on Friday that the government had put policies in place needed for companies to raise wages. Motegi, speaking to reporters, said he was confident that the government’s plan to offer tax …

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Industrial Strength: How the U.S. Government Hid Fracking’s Risks to Drinking Water

The fracking provision, widely known as the Halliburton loophole … As a result, oil and gas drilling and production are exempt from laws regulating hazardous waste, chemical-laced runoff from well sites and toxic air pollution from well equipment.
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Germany’s Greens Will Only Join Coalition Government If Auto Manufacturers Agree To Cut Emissions With Mechanical Changes To Engines & Exhaust Systems

As part of the ongoing coalition government formation talks in Germany, it has been revealed that the Greens will reportedly only join if the local auto manufacturers agree to introduce mechanical changes to their vehicles to reduce emissions