Do Energy Industry Activities Threaten Dams? BC Hydro Now Says Yes

Photo: BC Hydro. Last summer a bizarre dispute about dams, fracking, waste water disposal, public safety and earthquakes quietly played out before the BC Oil and Gas Appeal Tribunal. Be one of two lucky Tyee readers to win a pair of tickets. The Facts are …
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Corps confirms oil leak at 810-MW Lower Monumental hydro

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has confirmed an oil leak in the Unit 2 generator at its 810-MW Lower Monumental hydro plant. Corps staff investigated a suspected leak, reported on Aug. 3, and were able to confirm that a slow leak had allowed oil to enter …
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Hydro, home brew and quad bikes: What it’s really like to live in Antarctica –

Hydro, home brew and quad bikes: What it's really like to live in Antarctica
Welcome to Antarctica. We have all heard stories about this last great land, the most remote and hostile environment on earth. Extraordinary stories of survival and exploration. But what is it like just being an ordinary bloke, trying to do an ordinary

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India Plans To Set Up 10 GW Of Solar-Based Pumped Hydro Storage Capacity

Image Credit: India flag via Shutterstock

Originally published on Planetsave. India is planning to initiate work on several fronts to maximize the use of renewable energy at the least cost possible. Officials of the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) recently told media outlets that the central government is planning to set up 10 GW of pumped storage capacity across the country. The [&hellip

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Small hydro could add up to big damage

Environmental engineers Tasneem Abbasi and S. A. Abbasi warn that widespread adoption of small hydro could repeat a history of environmental damage.
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Hydro projects to get faster environmental clearances

Large hydro power projects held up for want of clearances would get a leg-up soon. The Planning Commission and the Union ministry of environment & forests have reached an informal understanding that the projects found to have little potential for environmental damage under preliminary assessments can be allowed to take off without waiting for more comprehensive studies of the whole basin …
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