WHO study likens palm oil lobbying to tobacco and alcohol industries

GENEVA (Reuters) – The palm oil industry is deploying tactics similar to those of the alcohol and tobacco industries to influence research into the health effects of its product, a study published by …

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How A Handful Of Community Organizers Got NYC To Take On One Of The Most Powerful Industries On Earth

Some people start the new year by pledging to give up carbs or hit the gym. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio kicked off 2018 by declaring war on the oil industry.


Paying for the environmental damage they do would render global industries unprofitable overnight

Of the top 20 region-sectors ranked by environmental impacts, none would be profitable if environmental costs were fully integrated. Ponder that for a moment. None of the world’s top industrial sectors would be profitable if they were paying their full freight. None!
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Chartis Expands Environmental Insurance to Additional Industries

Chartis today announced the expansion of NextGen Protection, a suite of environmental insurance solutions developed by its Environmental Division. The additional industry segments within the …
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