Lawmakers From Both Parties Move to Ban Fracking in Florida

He added that memories of the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico are still fresh in many Floridians’ minds. Fracking has yet to gain a foothold in Florida, where unique limestone geology holds large underground water reserves and feeds freshwater …

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How Republican Lawmakers Finally Aim To Cut Carbon Emissions

Billionaires are sitting on islands of cash. Large corporations are as well. The middle class and poor, not so much. Nonetheless, there’s a popular myth that’s been making the rounds for decades (especially in Republican circles, but even much more broadly). This myth says that giving the super rich more money will result in better economic outcomes than giving the middle class and poor more money

Decision Florida on Gulf Coast Live: Proposed Fracking Ban Goes Before Florida Lawmakers

Friday on Gulf Coast Live features WGCU’s contribution to the statewide Florida Decides collaborative reporting project: an in-depth report looking at a proposed ban in Florida to hydraulic fracturing, commonly known as “fracking,” and other fracking-like …
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Sabal Trail what? Florida lawmakers turn a blind eye to construction of a natural gas pipeline

Young isn’t the only politician to voice opposition to fracking while staying silent on projects that … Meanwhile, the Sierra Club, Gulf Restoration Network and Flint Riverkeeper are in an ongoing lawsuit against the US Army Corps of Engineers for …
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South Florida Lawmakers Lead as Diverse Bills Go Before Legislature

Listen Listening… 6:07 A consortium of environmental advocacy groups is holding a Florida Fracking Summit Nov. 2 at Florida Gulf Coast University. The free day-long event is intended to educate the public about the impacts and risks of extracting oil …
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Florida lawmakers move to ban fracking

producers have been fracking for oil in coastal waters, and environmentalists worry about illegal wastewater dumping in the Gulf of Mexico. “The potential dangers from fracking in Florida far outweigh the benefits,” the Sun Sentinel’s editorial board …
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Lawmakers, environmentalists, urge Cuomo administration to ban oil and gas drilling wastewater

According to a report by Environmental Advocates of New York, over a half-million tons of solid fracking waste and 23,000 barrels of liquid waste were dumped in New York landfills between 2010 and 2015. The fracking waste, or “brine,” also was found to …
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Offshore oil drilling in Atlantic threatens N.J. tourism industry, lawmakers say

They said offshore oil drilling threatens New Jersey’s shore towns and tourism industry. BP’s 2010 Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico proved that an entire coastline could be affected by a massive oil spill, Pallone said. “We know what happens …
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300 US Lawmakers Support 50% Clean Energy By 2050


Originally published on Solar Love. Lawmakers and politicians generally are not considered the most prominent clean energy advocates, but something seems to be changing — why else would 300 of them get behind it? Their interest has come to a central focus point due to the Paris climate change talks that just took place, and they all signed a [&hellip

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Environmentalists, Lawmakers Trying New Tack to Keep Out Fracking Waste

A new bill would prevent many of the chemicals in fracking wastewater from being treated in state, rather than outlawing the waste itself Having failed — so far — to ban the disposal of fracking wastewater in New Jersey, the state is looking at dealing …
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