Homeowners file first in series of lawsuits against Crimson Pipeline over 2016 oil spill in Ventura

The pipeline was shut down before the oil reached the ocean after a resident discovered the leak. The oil spill transformed the once-serene neighborhood into a noisy, crowded work site during the clea…

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#ShellKnew 30 Years Ago: Documents Reveal Predictions of Extreme Weather, Climate Lawsuits – EcoWatch


#ShellKnew 30 Years Ago: Documents Reveal Predictions of Extreme Weather, Climate Lawsuits
Royal Dutch Shell has known about the links between fossil fuel use and climate change for decades, according to newly-released internal company documents. The documents, unveiled by Dutch newspaper De Correspondent on Thursday, show that the oil giant
Shell foresaw Hurricane Sandy in prescient climate reports from 1980sMashable

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Exxon Sues Collection Of Figures Associated With Climate Change Lawsuits, Alleging Conspiracy

ExxonMobil refinery at dusk ( a result of numerous organizations filing lawsuits against Exxon in recent times in relation to anthropogenic climate change, the oil giant has now filed lawsuits against a large collection of people associated with these suits, alleging conspiracy.


West Texas Ranchers Threaten Lawsuits Over Fracking

The answer would be to reuse the brackish water that is the byproduct of fracking operations … toxic and unusable wastewater annually. Developing new ways to recycle water would not only accelerate job growth, but help Texas and other water-stressed …
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BP escapes U.S. lawsuits over post-Gulf spill drilling ban

(Reuters) – BP Plc does not have to face U.S. lawsuits by energy and drilling companies over losses they suffered from an offshore drilling ban imposed soon after the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, a federal judge ruled. U.S. District Judge Carl …
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Judge tosses lawsuits against BP over drilling ban

So far, BP has agreed or been ordered to pay more than $ 52 billion for cleanup, restoration, fines and compensation for the spill. The question still remaining was whether BP (BP) was liable for the government’s decision to block exploratory drilling …
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Lawsuits Accuse Fracking Companies of Triggering Oklahoma’s Earthquake Surge

Credit: Reuters Two lawsuits in Oklahoma accuse more than a dozen oil and gas companies of triggering recent earthquakes by disposing of their drilling waste in deep wells. The lawsuits filed last week come on the heels of heightened earthquake activity in …
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Should Oil Firms Be Held Liable in Earthquake Lawsuits?

Geologists eventually linked the quakes to increased oil and natural-gas production in the area—specifically, to the practice of injecting wastewater from hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, into wells deep underground. Sandra Ladra, a Prague resident who …
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Arkansas Oil Spill Lawsuits And Alleged Safety Violations Pile Up After … – Huffington Post

Northwest Arkansas News

Arkansas Oil Spill Lawsuits And Alleged Safety Violations Pile Up After
Huffington Post
Since Exxon's Pegasus pipeline ruptured March 29 and spilled the oil in the Mayflower community about 30 miles northwest of Little Rock, there have been at least 17 lawsuits against Exxon or its subsidiaries in state or federal courts. And on Nov.
Oilspill suits piling up for Exxon MobilNorthwest Arkansas News
Lawsuits, safety violation allegations, mount against Exxon Mobil over Daily Journal

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Rules for environmental damage lawsuits studied

Rep. Neil Abramson says he wants to increase the frequency and speed of cleanups
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