How to Understand Battery Life

How to Understand Battery LifeThe idea that batteries have a ‘life’ is familiar. We’ve all experienced a ‘dying’ cell phone battery with its charge draining, usually at the most inconvenient time. But knowing how and why this happens – from cell phones, EV batteries, and batteries for storage, is key. Read more about understanding battery life


This North Eagles Swiss-Made Smart Watch May Save Your Life If You Are In The Oil And Gas Industry

Designed strictly for use in the oil and gas industry, where many detection systems are … This is designed to help reduce the reaction time between an H2S leak and the emergency response time. The p…

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Low-Oxygen Ocean Dead Zones Could Make Marine Life Extinct, Study Shows

In a new study, a group of researchers used an ancient mass extinction event as an analog to demonstrate how the current course of global climate change could prove devastating for marine life in the future. Some 182 to 174 million years ago, during the …

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Life at Antarctica’s IceCube lab seems strange and beautiful – The Outline

The Outline

Life at Antarctica's IceCube lab seems strange and beautiful
The Outline
Antarctica is a fascinating and terrifying place that humanity still does not fully understand. And unlike the rest of the world, we will never conquer it (unless we end up melting it). It is cold and big and just being there can very easily kill you

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How Big Dead Place, the ‘WikiLeaks of Antarctica’, shed light on life at McMurdo Station – ABC Online

ABC Online

How Big Dead Place, the 'WikiLeaks of Antarctica', shed light on life at McMurdo Station
ABC Online
When Nicholas Johnson arrived at Antarctica's McMurdo Station in the late '90s, he expected pristine wilderness and adventure. Instead, he found bureaucracy and boredom. So he began anonymously documenting his experiences in a satirical newsletter, Big

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Enjoy Life Foods Earns First Palm Oil Free Certification For Latest Snack Innovation

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Enjoy Life Foods, the #1 brand in the Free-From food category, has become the first food company in the U.S. to receive Palm Oil Free Certification for its newest product launches from the International Palm Oil Free Certification …

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Low oxygen “dead-zones” can be deadlier to marine life than we thought

The runoff travels with rivers into the ocean and provides abundant nutrients to algae which then bloom and use up the oxygen in the area to reproduce. Many of these dead-zones occur in estuaries because the run-off usually comes in from rivers.

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Antarctica Expedition to Explore Mysterious Marine Life Once Hidden by Larsen C Ice Shelf – Newsweek


Antarctica Expedition to Explore Mysterious Marine Life Once Hidden by Larsen C Ice Shelf
Scientists from the British Antarctic Survey are taking off this Wednesday to explore a once-inaccessible marine ecosystem beneath the Larsen C ice shelf—where an iceberg the size of Delaware broke off last summer. The 2,240 square-mile iceberg that
Scientists Set to Explore Mysterious Seafloor Exposed by Antarctica's Giant IcebergGizmodo
Scientists Rush to Explore Underwater World Hidden Below Ice for 120000 YearsLive Science
A New Fabulous Expedition In Antarctica Will Be Conducted By A UK TeamHealth Thoroughfare
U.S. News & World Report –ZME Science –The Independent
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Oxygen Depletion In The Ocean Compromises Marine Life

As the impact of global warming is growing, many things around us have started to change. The ocean is also starting to lose oxygen rapidly. Furthermore, oxygen depletion in the ocean could mean that a lot of marine life in the ocean is being jeopardized.

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Deepwater discoveries signal life in offshore sector

better known as fracking, created a boom in areas of the Permian that were considered dried up, better seismic imaging and drilling methods are bringing companies back to proven offshore areas like the Gulf, Fryklund said. “Deepwater is coming out of a …

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