US Department Of Energy Picks 5 Projects To Receive Up To $28 Million For Geothermal Energy Research

Today, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced that five projects will receive up to $ 28 million to promote the advancement of the next generation of geothermal energy technologies


50 million people in path of extreme weather heading toward East Coast – New York Post

50 million people in path of extreme weather heading toward East Coast  New York Post

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CATL Says It Has A Million Mile Battery. Is There A Connection To Tesla?

CATLCATL says it has a battery ready for sale that has a 16-year life and can power an electric car for 2 million kilometers.


4 Million Viewers Just Watched A Tesla-Centric Livestream In China

Redditor MediumEconomist shared in a post that 4 million viewers recently watched a “Tesla-centric livestream” in China. The show was an hour-long on the Taobao shopping platform and was aired on Tuesday afternoon


50 million Americans at risk for next severe weather outbreak –

  1. 50 million Americans at risk for next severe weather outbreak
  2. Severe Weather Awareness Week – Severe Thunderstorms  WRGB
  3. A Very Beautiful & Pleasant Midday; Severe Storms Possible On Wednesday
  4. Good Bet For Strong To Severe Storms In The Ozarks Tuesday Afternoon And Evening  KTTS
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Permian Oil Fields Leak Enough Methane for 7 Million Homes

Enough gas to supply 7 million homes is leaking into the atmosphere above oil fields in Texas and New Mexico—the largest plume of climate change-driving methane pollution ever recorded over a U.S. oil …

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More than half of all Earth’s ocean life died off 444 million years ago because it ran out of oxygen

Stanford University, California experts believe that the ‘Late Ordovician’ mass extinction 450 million years ago was due to widespread ‘anoxia’, or oxygen depletion, over a three million year period.

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Global Palm Oil Market will be 111.3 Million Tons by 2025 – Renub Research

Palm Oil Market, Volume Global Forecast By Top Consumption, Top Production, Top Importing, Top Exporting, Companies provides a complete analysis of global palm oil market. Global Palm Oil Market is …

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GIC-Backed Palm Oil Firm Mulls $500 Million Indonesia IPO

PT Triputra Agro Persada, backed by Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund GIC Pte, is gearing up for an initial public offering in Indonesia that could raise about $ 500 million, according to people …

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Volkswagen Group Aiming To Produce 3 Million Electric Vehicles In 2025 — How Might It Get There?

Volkswagen Group has been spending a lot of time these days focused on its electrification plans — or e-mobility, as they call it in Europe. Some take this as simply PR, but I think the sales targets are real and we know the company has launched an initial electric car factory and is investing tens of billions of euros into batteries and EV development