Hyundai Kona EV Wins The Netherlands In Slow Month — EV Sales Report

After a memorable month of September, the plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) markets in the Netherlands slowed down significantly, growing just 37% in September, with 2,776 registrations, translating into a PEV share of 8.1% in October. That keeps the 2019 PEV share at a record 10%


7 More Electric Vehicles That Could Hit 10,000 Sales A Month (Perhaps)

In response to a recent article of mine about electric vehicle models that could potentially hit 10,000+ sales a month, several readers suggested other models that I neglected (or simply didn’t have much faith in). I thought these suggestions warranted a followup article


Tesla Model 3 = #1 In EV Sales In Germany In Record Month — CleanTechnica EV Sales Report

The German plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) market continues on the fast track in September, having scored a new record, 9,452 registrations, which doubles last year’s result. Fully electric vehicles (BEVs) were up 150% year over year (YoY), and this time plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) were also helping (+51%), allowing the PEV share to reach a record 3.9% share last month. BEVs alone hit a best ever, 2.4%. That pulled the 2019 plug-in share to 2.7% (1.7% BEV)


Tesla Model 3 Shines In Off-Season Month In Europe

The European passenger plug-in vehicle market scored some 35,000 registrations in August (+15%), with fully electric vehicles (BEVs) continuing to grow at a fast pace (69%) while plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) are still suffering from the WLTP blues, down -29% year over year (YoY). They’ve failed to post one single growth month since last September, when the new WLTP emission rules started


1 Month With Tesla Model 3 — $0 Charging, 0 Issues, 0 Fires, Tons Of Fun

As of today, we’ve had our Tesla Model 3 for one month. Is the thrill gone? Well, some of the early tingles and excitement have of course worn off, but the core point and core feeling is the same: this is the best car on the market, so it just feels completely right and ideal. [&hellip


Petrobras Reports Second oil Leak in Rio de Janeiro this Month

In order to contain the leak, the oil company halted the operation of the pipeline and the production of P-25 platform, installed in the Albacora field. RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Petrobras reported on …

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Global Lithium-Ion Battery Planned Capacity Grows 4% In A Single Month — Charts!

Another month passes, another 43 GWh of battery factory capacity is brought into the planning pipeline for production in 2023, adding over 4% to the global total, in just a single month (50% annualized growth)


Tesla Scores Record Month In The Netherlands, Model S & Model X Both #1 In Class

September had 2,796 plug-in vehicle registrations, which was the market’s best result since 2016. That translated into a plug-in vehicle (PEV) share of 9.5% in the country. The result pulls the year-to-date count to 14,977 units, with the 2018 PEV share growing to 4.1%


Antarctica will hold its first-ever Pride Month event in June – Mic


Antarctica will hold its first-ever Pride Month event in June
The rainbow flag has officially been unfurled on the desolate landscape of Antarctica, in the name of celebrating pride. Antarctica was dubbed the first gay-friendly continent on the planet by humanitarian organization Planting Peace, and a group of

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Tesla Model 3 vs Gasmobiles … Tesla Model 3 vs Electrics … Tesla Wins Michigan Battle (Top 30 CleanTechnica Stories of the Month)

The top 30 CleanTechnica stories of last month were blockbusters, with the #1 article receiving 158,523 views, #2 receiving 111,370 views, and #3 receiving 92,720 views. If you somehow missed these or others further down the list, check them out now! Or don’t. Whatever suits you

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