The Next Big Solar Technology? #Intersolar2020

Disruptive advances in solar technology are unusual, with industry-wide design improvements often taking place in very small increments. These small changes create the buzz at solar trade shows like Intersolar North America, which is wrapping up this week in San Diego. However, one standout concept on display here is the Intensifying Solar Panel, a low [&hellip


Will a push for plastics turn Appalachia into next ‘Cancer Alley’?

Fracking money has undermined the voice of the people Mark … has boasted the plastics boom could turn Appalachia into a petrochemical hub similar to the Gulf Coast. But there, Louisiana residents …

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Leaking oil well to be plugged next week: Pertamina

Upstream oil and gas company Pertamina Hulu Energi (PHE), a subsidiary of state-owned energy company Pertamina, says it expects to permanently seal its leaking offshore oil well near Karawang regency, …

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Tesla Model S At The Nürburgring — Elon Musk Says Lap Time Will Be Set Next Week

Tesla Model S Press ImageElon Musk has picked up the gauntlet thrown down by the Porsche Taycan — the Tesla Model S will record a lap time at the Nurburgring Nordschleife at some point next week. Will the Model S beat the Taycan’s 7:42 lap time


Battery Incentives Meet VPPs: The Next Step For Battery Attractiveness In Australia

Enabling households to tap into battery value streams additional to the standard ‘solar self-consumption’ approach will be crucial in driving uptake by making batteries more attractive. These include hard, financial benefits like virtual power plant (VPP) participation revenues (for energy market participation as well as grid services) which help shorten payback periods, as well as non-financial benefits such as improved energy self-reliance and blackout protection


Could The United Kingdom Be The Next Norway For Tesla?

Here at CleanTechnica, we’ve published a lot about Norway’s smashing EV success. It makes us wonder, who’s next? One possible answer is the United Kingdom. This article summarizes what I found out about the market potential for Tesla vehicles in the UK over the next few years. There are many reasons the UK market is [&hellip


Tesla Haters Now Tesla Lovers? James May, Bob Lutz … Who’s Next?

James May, Tesla Model SIn the early days of Tesla, though the company had many fans, it also had many detractors. Some of those detractors may have had a vested interest in the company failing. No, I’m not talking about the armies of short sellers who still plague the company and its mission today, but about auto industry competitors and celebrities whose livelihood depended on the status quo. But Tesla’s continued success in manufacturing high-performance EVs has turned some of these critics into fans


Extreme weather pattern to divide nation next week: Hot in the Southeast, cold in the West and stormy in the middle – Washington Post

  1. Extreme weather pattern to divide nation next week: Hot in the Southeast, cold in the West and stormy in the middle  Washington Post
  2. Middle of country on high alert for potentially deadly severe weather outbreak
  3. Extreme weather pattern to divide nation next week  Salt Lake Tribune
  4. A severe weather outbreak could affect millions this weekend across the central US  CNN
  5. Strong storms with heavy rain could douse Iowa for days; a wall of storms threaten 18 states
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Qatar- Next ‘Ferrari of shale’ may be hiding in Australia’s outback

(MENAFN – Gulf Times) In a corner of outback Australia … after the local government ended a three-year ban on fracking the practice of extracting oil and gas from layers of shale rock deep …

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