China’s Largest Solar-Plus-Storage Project Goes Online

China’s largest solar-plus-storage project has been connected to the grid. How big is it — 500 megawatts (MW)? 700 MW? 1,100 MW? Nope, we’re in 2020 — it’s 2,200 MW (2.2 GW)


US Car Dealers Embrace Online Sales As Coronavirus Shuts Down Showrooms

Car Dealer Via LOCCar dealerships in many states are shut down due to the coronavirus contagion, leading to a surge in online auto sales techniques.


Fleets Take Precautions to Keep Equipment Running in Extreme Weather – Transport Topics Online

Fleets Take Precautions to Keep Equipment Running in Extreme Weather  Transport Topics Online

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Tesla Bringing 3 New “Grohmann Machines” Online To Reach 8,000 Battery Packs/Week

Tesla is receiving 3 new Grohmann machines from Germany to raise production at Gigafactory #1 to 8,000 Model 3 battery packs per week


How Big Dead Place, the ‘WikiLeaks of Antarctica’, shed light on life at McMurdo Station – ABC Online

ABC Online

How Big Dead Place, the 'WikiLeaks of Antarctica', shed light on life at McMurdo Station
ABC Online
When Nicholas Johnson arrived at Antarctica's McMurdo Station in the late '90s, he expected pristine wilderness and adventure. Instead, he found bureaucracy and boredom. So he began anonymously documenting his experiences in a satirical newsletter, Big

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Researchers Develop Online Game To Inoculate Against Fake News

fake news inoculation gameResearchers at the University of Cambridge have created an online game to help people detect and deflect fake news. With so much misinformation being tossed around about climate change, this could be a very useful tool for those who actually care to think for themselves.


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Colorado: No online oil, gas pipeline map after fatal blast

DENVER – Colorado will not offer an online map of oil and gas pipelines in the wake of a fatal house explosion blamed on a gas leak, Gov. John Hickenlooper said Tuesday, citing concerns about security and theft. Continue Reading Below The state will …
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How does Hobart fare in battle to be ‘gateway to Antarctica’? – ABC Online

ABC Online

How does Hobart fare in battle to be 'gateway to Antarctica'?
ABC Online
Tasmania has long promoted its capital Hobart as "the gateway" to the Antarctic, but how does it compare to other cities that make the same claim? Distance to Antarctica? Cape Town: 3,811km; Christchurch: 2,852km; Hobart: 2,609km; Punta Arenas: 1,371km …

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