Rising ocean temperatures send jellyfish onto Virginia Beach

Jellyfish are beginning to wash up on Virginia Beach as warmer ocean temperatures create a breeding ground, officials said.

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Hydrogen Was Supposed To Explode Onto The Scene In 2013 … What Happened?

In 2019, Digital Trends published an article titled “Hydrogen Was The Fuel Of Tomorrow, So What Happened?” A few years ago, hydrogen and battery electric vehicles were in a race to win the prize of being the future of transportation, or so it was claimed


Oil leak onto plane’s engine the cause behind smoke-filled flight, Hawaiian Airlines says

After a Hawaiian Airlines flight made an emergency landing and evacuation via the emergency slides, the airline has release the cause of the smoke that initiated the incident. It took 30 second to …

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Environment Committee passes marketing flyer ban, other bills onto General Assembly

HARTFORD — Members of the Environment Committee approved several bills Monday, including those that would outlaw the import and trade of multiple African species, establish a statewide ban on fracking …

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VIDEO Oil Leaks Onto Sandown Beach From Grounded Barracuda

A duvet has been used to soak up oil leaking from a grounded motorboat on Sandown Beach. Environmental officers are among those dealing with the incident, which it is feared will worsen when the tide rises. Meanwhile, efforts are underway to recover the …
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Cleanup underway after 300 gallons of oil leaks onto farmland

HAMILTON, MI — An estimated 300 gallons of crude oil leaked out onto an Allegan County farm Sunday afternoon as a result of what workers believe to be a valve malfunction. Eric Kimber, a Department of Environmental Quality geologist, said the majority of …
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Can we slow sea level rise by pumping water onto Antarctica? – Christian Science Monitor

Christian Science Monitor

Can we slow sea level rise by pumping water onto Antarctica?
Christian Science Monitor
A new study investigates one radical solution: 'geoengineering,' or reshaping the planet in a substantial way. In this case, by enlarging Antarctica's continental glacier via pumping ocean water onto the ice surface. If it works, and the ice sheet
Surprise! Pumping water onto Antarctica to prevent sea level rise is a bad ideaGrist
Pumping Water Onto Antarctica Won't Slow Rising Sea LevelValueWalk
A Modest Proposal for Stopping Sea Level Rise: Freeze the OceanCityLab
Minnesota Public Radio News –Climate Home –Dailyuw –Earth System Dynamics
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Yingli Holds Onto #1, Trina Solar Climbs To #2 In Solar

Originally published on Solar Love.

yingli solarWith nearly 10% of the solar module market in 2013, Yingli Green Energy (YGE)* retained the #1 spot in the market.

To be more exact, 9.4% of solar module capacity sold in 2013 came from Yingli. #2 was Trina Solar, which accounted for 8.2%; #3 was Sharp (thanks to a strong solar market in its home country of Japan), with 6% of the global market; #4 was Canadian Solar (after sitting in second back in 2012), 5.4%; and #5 was JinkoSolar (replacing JA Solar).

Such rankings can vary a bit from one market research firm to another. This ranking comes from GlobalData.

*Full disclosure: I hold stock in Yingli Green Energy (YGE). I’m “long” Yingli, as they would say.

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Oil from BP spill pushed onto shelf off Tampa Bay by underwater currents … –

Oil from BP spill pushed onto shelf off Tampa Bay by underwater currents
The thick globs of BP oil that washed ashore on beaches along Florida's Panhandle in 2010 never reached Tampa Bay, to the relief of hotel owners, restaurateurs, anglers, beachgoers and local officials. But oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill, floating 
BP not a victim: Opposing viewUSA TODAY
U.S. Coast Guard Releases Report on Remaining BP Oil Spill Cleanup WorkEIN News (press release)
Oil spill aftermathToledo Blade –Houma Courier –Health News Florida
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