Editorial: Extreme weather the new normal – Opinion – – Ocala, FL – Ocala

Editorial: Extreme weather the new normal – Opinion – – Ocala, FL  Ocala

A report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration concludes that many extreme weather events are clearly linked to a warmer climate.

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‘Matrix acidizing’ no threat to state’s environment, groundwater | Opinion

The discussion this session on fracking at committee … to serve the public. Matrix acidizing does not pose a threat to Florida’s environment or groundwater supplies, or our state’s public health and …

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Opinion: Alabama lost to Clemson because nobody saw ‘oil leaking or bald tires’ on defense

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Way back in October, when Alabama was rolling over opponent after opponent and everyone was marveling at the Crimson Tide’s new offensive approach – and especially, the fantastic …

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Shipping Giant’s Containment Plan Is Leaking Badly -Opinion

Little wonder the shares tanked as much as 12 percent. Maersk once viewed owning both oil and shipping assets as way to stabilize earnings: cash flows from rising oil prices offset the burden of increased shipping fuel costs. That was exposed as wishful …

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More extreme weather due to ‘global weirding’ | Opinion | Eugene … – The Register-Guard

More extreme weather due to 'global weirding' | Opinion | Eugene …
The Register-Guard
After visiting India a year ago, I wrote about the record-setting rains and floods in the city of Chennai, where my parents and sister live. Almost 14 inches of rain …

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Electric Drivers, We Need Your Opinion (New Survey!)


We’ve now hit the 1 million mark of electric vehicles on the roads across the globe. Those EV teenage years of “messing around” are officially behind us. Yet, despite the market maturing, EV-related jobs growing, and governments adopting more EVs and stimulating more sales, consumers’ concerns about electric driving are still a tough nut to crack

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Weather extremes are hitting the globalised economy | Bangkok Post: opinion – Bangkok Post

Weather extremes are hitting the globalised economy | Bangkok Post: opinion
Bangkok Post
The globalisation of the world's economy this century has made it far more vulnerable to the impacts of extreme weather, including heat stress on workers, scientists said. A study by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and Columbia

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Keep fracking waste out of New Jersey: Opinion

New Jersey needs a ban on the storage, treatment and disposal of waste from hydraulic fracturing, also known as “fracking.” And time is of the essence. Though fracking is not performed in New Jersey at this time, the Garden State is at risk of becoming …
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Gauging Public Opinion on Climate Change Policy

Majorities of Americans say that global warming and clean energy should be among the nation’s priorities, according to a new survey. Will those feelings translate into any action in the government? Anthony Leiserowitz of the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication discusses the survey’s findings.

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Opinion: N.J. DEP ‘waiver rule’ is broadest attack on environment in decades –

The Department of Environmental Protection’s “waiver rule” is one of the worst rules ever adopted in New Jersey and is the broadest attack on environmental protections in 40 years. It is unconstitutional and unconscionable, which is why …
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