Markey & Ocasio-Cortez Have The Political Guts To Lead Where Others Waver

Markey and Ocasio-CortezThe resolution to enact a Green New Deal was introduced by Sen. Ed Markey this week. The weak-kneed say it cannot be done


See The Stirring Anti-Palm Oil Ad Deemed Too Political For TV

The animated film, narrated by Emma Thompson, shows an orangutan making a child’s bedroom its home after its mother and habitat were destroyed for palm oil. A stirring television ad that highlights pa…

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Iceland pulls ad showing palm oil harvesters terrorizing orangutans for being too political

A British supermarket chain said on Friday their Christmas advert has been banned for being too political because it shows palm oil manufacturers terrorizing orangutans. Iceland’s animated advert, cal…

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Political Shenanigans Got You Down? These 5 Global Trends Are Positively Changing The World Right Now

Reading, seeing, watching, or listening to what passes off as news these days can inevitably bring a sense of doom, uncertainty, and fear (FUD) that some politicians love to bathe in to justify their middlemen role and push whatever pet project they have for their business buddies. But there is also good quality news out there if you let independent journalists communicate what they know best, fields they master for the purpose of bringing more light to important matters


Vast Majority Of Danes Support Political Efforts In Favor Of Electric Cars

Ingeniøren reports that a new survey conducted by YouGov for the Danish Electric Car Alliance shows that 73% of Danes believe that their elected politicians should make special efforts to promote the sale of electric cars.


Using Solar Power As A Political Tool In Armenia

solar power in ArmeniaArmenia, with support from the World Bank, is pushing ahead with plans to replace all of its gas-fired and nuclear generating stations with renewable energy sources, especially solar, in coming years. It is all part of its bid to limit the political influence over the country exerted by Russia.

US Utilities Increase Investment In Green & Renewables Despite Political Uncertainty

renewables grid resilience energy electricityDespite tremendous political uncertainty in North America, driven by the United States’ announcement to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement and its attendant policy shifts, utilities are nevertheless increasing their investments in green and renewable energy, according to new research published this month by Capgemini. 

Kerry Escapes Heated Political Environment for Icy Climate – ABC News

CBS News

Kerry Escapes Heated Political Environment for Icy Climate
ABC News
Feeling like you need to get away after this grueling election cycle? Far, far away where you can really unplug? If so you could join U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in Antarctica, Earth's icy desert to the south where on a warm day temperatures may
Secretary of State John Kerry lands in Antarctica, with climate legacy under threatCBS News
John Kerry talks climate change but not Trump in AntarcticaChicago Tribune
Kerry becomes America's first top diplomat to visit AntarcticaThe Japan Times
The Hill (blog) –New Zealand Herald
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Political tremors: Kansas officials link earthquakes to fracking-related process

During hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” operators use a mixture of saltwater and chemicals to break underground rock formations in order to release oil and gas. Then, to get rid of the water, operators inject it deep into disposal wells.
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Renewable Energy Growth Set To Slow Amidst Political Uncertainty

The renewable energy industry is expected to see a significant slowing over the next five years, according to the International Energy Agency, unless political and policy uncertainty is dealt with. These were the findings from the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) third annual Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report, released Thursday. According to the report, global renewable

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