Cutting Back On Plastic Pollution & Plastic Propaganda — CleanTech Talk

In this episode of our CleanTech Talk podcast interview series, Zachary Shahan, Director and CEO of CleanTechnica, and Scott Cooney, Founder and CEO of Pono Home, sit down to talk about plastics


Airlines To Pay Just 17¢ A Ticket For Pollution Under UN Scheme

Airlines would pay at most €70 million a year for their pollution on long-haul flights from Europe — even after air traffic bounces back — under the UN’s aviation CO2 scheme, a new independent study shows


Renault Attacks Idling Pollution At Schools

27% of parents in the UK admit to idling while waiting for their children — men more than 50% likely to do so than women (or more than 50% likely to admit it). As a result, “1 in 3 children in the UK breathe unsafe levels of air pollution,” according to Renault


This Space Technology Can Cut Climate Pollution On Earth: MethaneSAT 

The latest science warns that the window for preventing the most catastrophic global warming is closing fast. A seemingly small difference — just half a degree Celsius — can intensify the effects


Lyft or Uber Electric Car Cuts 3× More Pollution than Your Electric Car

A study published yesterday by researchers at the University of California, Davis, reminds us all why Lyft and Uber drivers should electrify faster than anyone, and why a Tesla app-based taxi service — robotaxis or not — would be so helpful


First Gulf-wide survey of oil pollution completed 10 years after Deepwater Horizon

This year marks the end of that funding. “Long-term monitoring studies such as these are important for early warning of oil pollution leaks and are vital for determining impacts to the environment in …

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Uber Adds To Pollution & Traffic In European Cities terms of health, I believe pedestrian life, and more abundant, affordable electric mass transit is best. Yet, due to lack of good transit, inconvenience, work, and a litany of other issues, too many of us depend on car travel


The Journal of Epidemiology: Linking Air Pollution Nanoparticles & Incident of Brain Tumors

Mahattan traffic Nov. 2019 Cynthia Shahan CleanTechnicaScience and modern biochemistry have all kinds of answers on the brain and human health, but scientific knowledge alone can’t stop air pollution. Those studies can make citizens aware of how compromised we are. They can let us know that air pollution is indeed a threat to the brain’s and body’s core functions. But humans must act on this knowledge to make it truly useful


EGEB: EPA’s relaxed coal rules could increase water pollution – Electrek

EPA weakens pollution rules on how power plants store coal waste and release metals into waterways. The UK puts a moratorium on fracking. New Delhi declares a health emergency due to the worst …

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Want To Fight Big Oil, Pollution, & Corrupt Pollution-Pushing Politicians? Do This One Thing

Someone recently shared an interesting Vox article with a powerful title and superb subtitle. Those were: I work in the environmental movement. I don’t care if you recycle. Stop obsessing over your environmental “sins.” Fight the oil and gas industry instead