Christians Must Practice Godly Stewardship Of Environment & Global Energy System

Regular readers of CleanTechnica and the other myriad sites that make up the Important Media network will (hopefully) recognise the name Joshua S Hill (i.e., me). I’ve been writing for Important (and its predecessor Green Options) Media since September of 2007 (and no, I’m not linking to my first article – it’s probably atrocious). Writing about and covering the world of global warming and clean technology has been a big part of my life – nearly a third, to be precise. I am not only passionate about clean technology for the sake of technological innovation, but also because I believe our planet is one of the greatest gifts humanity has ever received


‘Stop watering our food with fossil fuel chemicals!’ Californians pressure governor to abandon practice of spraying crops with fracking wastewater

(NaturalNews) California residents are gathering signatures for a petition calling for Governor Jerry Brown and the State Water Board to take action against the use of oilfield wastewater for food crop irrigation. Concerned citizens gathered Saturday at …
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Drilling practice: The good, the bad and the ugly (3)

The biggest oil spill in the history of mankind with the biggest settlement in the history of drilling happened about six years ago (20th April, 2010 to 15th July, 2010) in the Gulf of Mexico, near the Missisippi River Delta in the United States of America …
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New York fracking ban leads to questions about the practice in North Dakota.

A recent ban on fracking in New York has many wondering about the practice widely used in North Dakota. Environmental groups are concerned that the extraction technique could cause harmful chemicals to get into our water sources. The practice of fracking …
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Ecology and Environment, Inc. Names Rebecca L. Flora Sustainable Communities Practice Leader –

LANCASTER, NY — Ecology and Environment, Inc. (E & E) (NASDAQ: EEI) is pleased to announce that Rebecca L. Flora, a pioneer in the green building and sustainable communities movements, has joined E & E as Sustainable Communities Practice …
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Uintah County de-icing practice may break environment law –

VERNAL — Uintah County may be in hot water with local and state environmental officials over its method of clearing frozen culverts with, well, hot water. That’s because the high-temperature water used by the county’s road crews to de-ice culverts is the …
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