All-natural/green/eco-friendly cleaning products?

I am starting a home cleaning business & I want to use all-natural cleaning products that are effective.
I need lists of TOP cleaning products ones that are tried and true and powerful enough to scrub through the tough messes but still leave a clean fresh scent.
I need all types of cleaners, kitchen, bath, floor, carpet,multi-purpose etc
BONUS: Need a good name for the business… please help!

PLFixtures Recommends Premier Copper Products Environment Friendly Copper Sinks and Copper Bath Tubs – YAHOO!

PLFixtures ( is proud to now be an Authorized Online Reseller of Premier Copper Products copper sinks, copper bathtubs, copper hardware and other home accessories. Premier Copper Products are handmade made from 14 gauge 97.7 …
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Are teens interested in stuff like organic, eco, and animal friendly products like lipbalm?

I want to start a line of cosmetics which are organic, eco friendly, and cruelty free mainly lipbalm. I even have vegan alternatives. A 1/2 oz tin of vegan. lipbalm would be about 1.50-2.00
1/2 oz of vegetarian would be about 3.00
A glass jar instead of tin would be like 50 cents more.
A chap stick form would be about 2.50 for vegan. and 3.50 for vegetarian
Each one is has fragrance and the chapstick wax is the most expensive followed by the vegg then vegan. Do you think this is reasonable since its all eco friendly, organic, and cruelty free? Would teens be interested in this?

eco-friendly hair straightening products?

I’m very eco oriented but I can’t seem to find and organic hair straightening product spray/serum. Please give me some names of products that are eco friendly or organic that work for you. I have oily, blonde, wavy hair.

Thank you!!!

Shopping online for environmentally friendly promotional products?

Can anybody tell me where to I can shop online for eco-friendly promotional products? I want to give away mugs, coasters and things to help promote my business, but I don’t want to add any more waste to the environment than I have to. On the other hand, I need quality promotional products that won’t fall apart in the rain!

Are ‘Down to earth’ products really environmentally friendly?

Manufacturers catch us by advertising biodegradable and eco-friendly products.Do these products really reduce the impact humans have on the planet?
what do those terms mean?….

We’re looking for new export market for our eco-friendly furniture products, need advice from anybody!?

we are looking new export market for our eco friendly furniture products, these furnitures made of wood waste and use free VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) on finishing and adhesives. Needs importer for bulk quantity at least 1X20’FCL each order.
looking for importers for our eco friendly furniture products made of wood waste and use free VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) on finishing and adhesives materials. Minimum order for mixed items is 1X20’FCL (Full Container Load)

see products details on
we are furniture manufacturer based in Jepara, Indonesia.

SlipNOT(R) Products Contribute to a Cleaner Environment – Marketwatch

DETROIT, Sep 01, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — SlipNOT(R) Metal Safety Flooring, a preeminent manufacturer of slip resistant metal safety flooring products, is dedicated to contributing to a cleaner environment by utilizing recycled materials and …
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