BP bight well’s spill threat questioned

drilling program…,” the plan said. The Wilderness Society report by New Zealand-based ocean modeller Laurent Lebreton analysed 1000 different spill scenarios using different sized oil flows and seasonal weather conditions. Mr Lebreton found that in …
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Gulf Spill Sampling Questioned – New York Times (blog)

New York Times (blog)

Gulf Spill Sampling Questioned
New York Times (blog)
An analysis of water, sediment and seafood samples taken in 2010 during and after the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has found higher contamination levels in some cases than previous studies by federal agencies did, casting doubt on some of the

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Spill Remedy Questioned by Coast Guard as Shell to Tap Arctic – Bloomberg

The BP spill in the Gulf was at a depth of nearly a mile … Oceana criticized the use of dispersants during the BP spill, saying that the chemicals helped spread oil in the deep waters and caused a toxic response to the crude from plankton …
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Chemical board’s power to probe gulf oil spill questioned – Chicago Tribune

Myriad agencies have investigated BP’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill, but the owner of the rig that exploded and sank wants to draw the line at the one designated by Congress to probe disasters involving deadly chemical blasts and releases.
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Shell questioned on oil spills in Nigeria

WASHINGTON, Jan. 25 (UPI) — Royal Dutch Shell has a disastrous legacy of environmental damage through its lengthy involvement in the Nigerian oil sector, advocacy groups charge.
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