Does coconut oil really threaten more species than palm oil? No, it doesn’t. (commentary)

… the journal Current Biology examines the environmental impact of different oil crops like oil palm and coconut by quantifying the number of species that have been threatened by each. The …

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Is boycotting palm oil really the best thing to do?

The palm oil situation is bad, but some people argue that it would be worse if replaced by other vegetable oils. It’s nearly impossible to avoid palm oil these days. The most popular edible oil in the …

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Trump and the Saudi effect: What’s really driving down oil prices?

The Gulf kingdom deserves some of the credit that US President … including expectations that the demand for oil will decrease and increased supplies from North American shale-fracking operations, an…

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Do Crude Producers Really Want Higher Oil Prices?

Persian Gulf traders have told Asia Times that’s unrealistic … Top energy analysts consider that only with oil at $ 100 a barrel will fracking become highly profitable. And oil and gas generated via …

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Is Tesla Ever Late? No, Not Really.

Now, such a headline could easily make many people roll their eyes. However, a case can be made that Tesla is moving the world towards sustainability at “ludicrous speed.” Investors are annoyed that Musk does not set predictable targets and meet them in the conventional (boring) way. Instead, Tesla determines that he and his crew will burn the midnight oil in the way Sir Isaac Newton did to achieve greatness in science as much as possible


New Form of Water, Both Liquid and Solid, Is ‘Really Strange’

This new form, called superionic water, consists of a rigid lattice of oxygen atoms through which positively charged hydrogen nuclei move. It is not known to exist naturally anywhere on Earth, but it may be bountiful farther out in the solar system …

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Nazis and pyramids: What’s really going on in Antarctica? | Newshub – Newshub


Nazis and pyramids: What's really going on in Antarctica? | Newshub
Antarctica is one of the last remaining unexplored places on Earth so it's no wonder theories are rife about what's really happening at the bottom of the world.

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Here’s what you really need to know about that hot plume under … – ScienceAlert

Fox News

Here's what you really need to know about that hot plume under …
Antarctica today takes a lot of heat from above, thanks to two hundred years of carbon-belching human activity and the warming this has caused. An increasing …
Is there a supervolcano buried in Antarctica waiting to erupt? | Fox …Fox News
NASA: Heat source under Antarctica melting its ice sheet: NASA …Economic Times
Studying The Heat Source Under West Antarctica – SpaceRefSpace Ref (press release)
Yahoo Singapore News –Doordarshan
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What Do You Think The Site C Dam Project Is Really About?

The fate of British Columbia’s largest, and arguably the most controversial, energy project is at stake.

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Hydro, home brew and quad bikes: What it’s really like to live in Antarctica –

Hydro, home brew and quad bikes: What it's really like to live in Antarctica
Welcome to Antarctica. We have all heard stories about this last great land, the most remote and hostile environment on earth. Extraordinary stories of survival and exploration. But what is it like just being an ordinary bloke, trying to do an ordinary

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