Federal Judge Halts Offshore Fracking Pending Further Review

The Commission’s review will require a full public hearing process. “The impacts of offshore fracking and acidizing have never been meaningfully analyzed,” said Kira Redmond, Executive …

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Designers are reinventing hurricane maps for an era of extreme weather – MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review

Designers are reinventing hurricane maps for an era of extreme weather
MIT Technology Review
Uncertainty is a part of the weather forecasting business. Advancements in forecasting have allowed us to improve the accuracy of our models and reduce that uncertainty, which led forecasters to predict Sandy's unusual path and intensification eight

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Palm oil producers urge govt to review 5% sales tax

KUALA LUMPUR: Palm oil producers are urging the government to reconsider and review the Sales Tax (Rates of Tax) Order 2018 on fresh fruit bunches (FFB) as the industry is already burdened by cesses, …

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“Pure Jungle Cat” — Tesla Model 3 Performance Review From Motor Trend

It’s one thing for Tesla to get a strong review of its performance Model 3 in the Wall Street Journal, but what about a car magazine? It turns out that the team at Motor Trend got a chance to test drive the much-anticipated dual motor, performance (DMP) version of Tesla’s newer, smaller sedan. Let’s check out what some gearheads had to say


175 Miles In The “150-Mile” 2018 Nissan LEAF (CleanTechnica Nissan LEAF Review)

2018 Nissan LeafIt’s only really by driving a car that you can get a good impression of it, and I have been very fortunate to be offered the chance to borrow a brand new 2018 Nissan Leaf Tekna, complete with ProPilot, for two days. This was kindly lent to me by Annie Cooper, the Sales Manager at Sandicliffe Nissan in Nottingham


After leaks, Cook Inlet’s aging oil and gas pipelines get an unprecedented review

A spill-prevention group has launched an unprecedented review of Cook Inlet pipelines following leaks in recent years that alarmed regulators and raised questions about the condition of the network in the tide-swept basin. Many of the underwater pipes are …

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Nuanced Tesla Model 3 Review … EV Predictions From 14 Experts … Tesla Model 3 Motor … (#CleanTechnica Top 20)

The top 20 stories of the week on CleanTechnica didn’t include a single Tesla article


47 CleanTechnica Electric Vehicle Review Articles In 2017

We’ve been conducting electric vehicle reviews for years, but we really stepped it up in 2017. Much thanks in particular is owed to Kyle Field and Nicolas Zart, both of who have written a ton of EV review articles this year. Thanks are also due to Cynthia Shahan, Steve Hanley, Jose Pontes, and several guest contributors and less frequent writers who have also contributed articles. And I’ve admittedly been having fun with a long-term review of the Tesla Model S, which began around the time Kyle’s ended

State regulators launch wide review of North Slope oil fields following BP leak

Concerned that thawing permafrost might contribute to another oil and gas leak such as the one that BP experienced in April, Alaska oil-well regulators on Monday issued emergency orders to oil companies to provide details for a widespread review of all …
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The Lucid Motors Air Is Amazing! (Original Review & Pics & Video — Part 1)

Lucid Motors Air

In a previous article on CleanTechnica, I dissed the Lucid Motors Air introduction as yet another electric vehicle (EV) hypercar. Boy, was I wrong! An EV hypercar it is, and a real one at that.

Hot on the heels of Faraday Future’s second odd CES presentation for its FF91, the Lucid Air seemed like yet another unobtainium hyper-EV. I missed a few points I’ll clarify here. Last night, Lucid Motors introduced its wild EV called the Air to a bewildered crowd at the Los Angeles Petersen Museum. We took a ride in it and it is anything. but. vaporware

The Lucid Motors Air Is Amazing! (Original Review & Pics & Video — Part 1) was originally published on CleanTechnica.

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