Reviving the Gulf Coast Dead Zone

Dr. Rebecca Boehm explains how excess fertilizer on Midwest farms contributes to “dead zones” in the Gulf, and how to reverse course.

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Reviving The “Tesla Deathwatch” — With A Totally Different Spin

After the recent unveiling of the Ford Mustang Mach-E, I feel like it’s time to revive the Tesla Deathwatch. No, not the Tesla Deathwatch that you may have read about on this site before, where certain websites made daily updates gleefully predicting that Tesla would run out of money and be forced to shutter operations


Top Trump adviser calls for reviving controversial natural gas project on Oregon’s coast

Because the United States has recently become such a major natural gas producer thanks to the fracking boom, the opportunity to export … But FERC shows many additional pending applications for the Gulf Coast. It doesn’t show any for the U.S. east …
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Rig runs aground in Alaska, reviving arctic drilling fears

WASHINGTON — One of Shell Oil's two Arctic drilling rigs is beached on an island in the Gulf of Alaska, threatening environmental damage from a fuel spill and calling into question Shell's plans to resume drilling in the treacherous waters north of Alaska in the summer.
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