Tesla Model 3 Had More Sales Than 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, + 6th Best Selling Electric Vehicles In 1st Half Of 2020

While different electric vehicles may be #1 in different markets (the Renault Zoe in France, the Audi e-tron in Norway, the VW e-Golf in Germany), globally, there is no question which electric vehicle is the most popular. According to recently compiled data from EV Volumes, the Tesla Model 3 had nearly as many sales in the first half of 2020 as the 2nd best selling, 3rd best selling, 4th best selling, 5th best selling, 6th best selling, and 7th best selling plugin vehicles combined


Tesla & The Minions — China EV Sales Report

The overall Chinese market returned to negative numbers in June, down 6% year over year (YoY), but on paper, plugins fared much worse, down 53% last month


‘Poor Man’s Oil’ Image Is Ruining Sales in Top Palm Market

As the highest ranks of the world’s palm oil industry gathered in a virtual conference last month, it became clear they were anxious about the same issue: The oil has a severe image problem in …

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BYD Qin = China’s Best Selling Electric Vehicle In April (China EV Sales Report)

Plugin vehicle sales continue to recover in China. They were still down 29% year over year (YoY) in April, but that was the smallest drop so far this year. Slightly more than 61,000 units were registered in April


4% Of European Union Bus Sales = Electric Buses

The electric bus market has been tracking quite closely with the electric car market in Europe, with 2019 showing 4% electric bus share across the European Union and a few other countries


BloombergNEF: Electric Vehicles = 58% of New Car Sales by 2040

Chevy Bolt EV salesOil prices are down but that won’t necessarily give gasmobiles a COVID-19 recovery edge against electric vehicle sales, energy storage, and clean power


Tesla Model 3 — 5× More US Sales Than Chevy Bolt In Q1, 433× More Than BMW i3

Based on CleanTechnica’s sophisticated number crunching, in the first quarter of 2020, the Tesla Model 3 had 5× more sales than the Chevy Bolt, 14× more sales than the Nissan


US Car Dealers Embrace Online Sales As Coronavirus Shuts Down Showrooms

Car Dealer Via LOCCar dealerships in many states are shut down due to the coronavirus contagion, leading to a surge in online auto sales techniques.


Netherlands EV Sales Report —  Opel Ampera-e #8 in Overall Auto Market in February

The Dutch plug-in vehicle (PEV) market grew 51% in February, to 3,685 plug-in registrations. So, after a light hangover (-2% year over year/YoY) in January, the Dutch plug-in market is back on track, with last month’s PEV share at 12%, pulling the year-to-date PEV share to 9.4%


UK Fossil Vehicle Sales Tumble By 18% As EVs Triple To 6% Market Share

UK combustion vehicle sales fell 18% year on year in January as plug-in electric vehicles took almost 6% of the market, up from 2.2% a year ago. Diesel sales were hit particularly hard, selling 36% less volume than January 2019. Will the UK government’s recent target of phasing out combustion vehicles by 2035 be overtaken by consumer preferences