A Drone Saves The Day In An Unusual Way

Recently in Australia, electric aviation saved the day again, but not in the usual way. A man used a drone to get a text message out, allowing rescuers to find a stranded group of people


Norman Borlaug Saves A Billion

Everyone loves a hero. Save someone from a burning building, and you’ll get your fifteen minutes of fame. That’s why I’m always surprised that more people don’t know Norman Borlaug, who …

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Tesla Automatic Emergency Braking In Beijing Saves Pedestrian

A pedestrian was crossing the highway in Beijing, and it could have ended badly for her, but she got lucky. She and the driver of the Tesla were both saved from an accident by Tesla’s Automatic Emergency Braking system


Network Of Tesla Powerwall Batteries Saves Green Mountain Power $500,000 During Heat Wave

Green Mountain Power in Vermont says its virtual power plant system that involves up to 2,000 Tesla Powerwall residential batteries, saved it $ 500,000 during a recent heat wave.


Fracktivists weep: Fracking saves water and prevents droughts, says study

Despite claims from anti-fracking activists that hydraulic fracturing contaminates ground water, a new study by the University of Texas found the process actually saves water and prevents droughts. “The bottom line is that hydraulic fracturing …
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