Senate Panel Approves Fracking Ban But Longshot In The House

The Florida legislature is again considering banning fracking—the process of extracting oil and natural gas … Hydraulic Fracking, acid fracking and matrix acidizing,” Young said, outlining the forms of fracking. But even with widespread support …

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Florida Senate : Senator Dana Young Reintroduces Legislation to Ban Fracking in Florida

SB462 bans fracking of all kinds including hydraulic fracking, acid fracking, and matrix-acidizing. Fracking is an oil extraction … millions of gallons of water a day to perform the fracking process and we certainly cannot afford the risk fracking …
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Fracking Waste Ban Stalls in the Senate, But Connecticut Towns Move Forward

The movement to ban toxic, radioactive drilling waste has spread to communities across the state. But that grassroots momentum wasn’t enough to pass a statewide bill to ban the import of fracking waste, as the state legislative session ended this month …
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Senate committee reverses years of opposition and passes fracking ban

acid fracturing and matrix acidizing — the high pressure process that is used to inject water into rock formations to extract oil and gas.
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Fracking ban in Florida gets early Senate support

acid fracturing and matrix acidizing. The high-pressure process involves injecting large volumes of water, sand and chemicals into rock formations to release oil and natural gas from rock caverns deep underground. Environmentalists says it is too risky a …
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State Senate wants moratorium on fracking in Massachusetts

BOSTON (AP) — The Massachusetts Senate is backing a ten-year moratorium on fracking in the state. The bill was approved unanimously on Thursday. It would also bar the disposal in Massachusetts of wastewater from fracking. Also known as hydraulic …
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Fracking ban, trash reduction on deck for Mass. Senate next week

Kathleen O’Connor Ives amendment that would have added a fracking ban to a water infrastructure bill. Pacheco, a Taunton Democrat, is also the sponsor of the recycling and municipal solid waste reduction bill the Senate plans to take up next week.
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Fracking blocked in Senate committee

Nearly 80 cities and counties have passed ordinances to ban or oppose the use of hydraulic fracturing and matrix acidizing, a fracking-like method that dissolves rocks instead of fracturing them with highly-pressurized liquid. The process is used to …
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Senate Bill 4 Regs Will Expand Fracking in California

For example, the recent Refugio oil spill in Santa Barbara has been tied to offshore oil rigs that have used acidizing and are seeking … “California has reversed the regulatory process when it comes to fracking,” said Jackie Pomeroy, spokesperson …
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California Senate Passes Bill Banning New Offshore Drilling

mammals and fish killed by the spill. “Senate Bill 788 – which bans new offshore oil drilling – just passed the Senate!” said Senator McGuire in a Facebook post. “Nearly 20k Californians have signed our petition – We’re grateful!” You can sign the petition …
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