Former Norilsk mayor is sentenced to six months community service for negligence in massive oil spill

A court in Krasnoyarsk has convicted former Norilsk Mayor Rinat Akhmetchin of criminal negligence and sentenced him to six months of community service for his role in a massive oil leak this summer by …

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Tesla Gallery & Service Center Growth — Small & Big-Picture Views

The Tesla Owners Club of New York State (TOCNYS) landed a victory during the late hours of October 14th. A Special Use Permit (SUP) was granted at the Tesla Henrietta location, providing ability to become a gallery. This will allow Tesla to show potential customers its products at the location for both test drives and educational purposes


Norway Adopts Chinese Maxus Electric Vans For Rescue Service In Tunnels

Maxus EV 80 electric rescue vehicleAn emergency rescue vehicle specifically for use in long tunnels has begun trials in Norway. It is based on the Maxus EV 80, an electric delivery van made in China.


E-Bikes4Africa’s SunCycles Ramp Up Delivery Service To Weather The Coronavirus Storm

: E-Bikes from E-Bikes4Africa. Images Courtesy of E-Bikes4AfricaNamibian e-bike startup ebikes4africa has been on a steady growth path over the past 5 years. The business model rightly focused on customer segments characterized by a high utilization rate of vehicles. The startup targeted entrepreneurs in the food vending industry, pharmacies that regularly make delivery runs, and those entrepreneurs using bikes as taxis. They also found off takers in the wildlife protection industry and more prominently in the tourism industry where e-fatbike tours offer an eco-tourism experience


Tesla Service & Delivery Teams Implementing Several Social Distancing Practices

Many a CleanTechnica reader is probably curious about how Tesla service and Tesla deliveries are operating in the midst of the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis. Tesla has just published a new Tesla customer support page regarding deliveries


Leak Detection for Oil and Gas Market Analysis, Service Management, Economy System, Software technology, Asset tracking, Capacity 2020-2024

The Leak Detection for Oil and Gas market report will provide one with overall market analysis, statistics, and every minute data relating to the Leak Detection for Oil and Gas market necessary for …

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New Orleans Tesla Service Center Is Close To Ready

Tesla’s New Orleans service center may soon be here. Right now, it’s in “coming soon” mode on the Tesla website. In 2018, The Times-Picayune first reported that Tesla would opening a service center in New Orleans. Tesla is renovating an existing warehouse lot on Tchoupitoulas Street to provide space for new vehicles ready for delivery. In plans Tesla filed with the city, the center will perform maintenance and repair services for Tesla vehicles and be a delivery point for new vehicle orders. This information came from


This Oilfield Service Player Is Looking To Make A Comeback

The collapse of deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico … open fractures created in oil and gas formations by hydraulic fracking. This is referred to in the industry as “stimulation …

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New Zero Emission Limo Service Offers a Safer, Greener Ride

CARS app takes on ride share giants in California with environmentally-friendly, luxury ride service


Florida Public Service Commission Opens The Floodgates For Solar Leases

Florida residents have a new option for going green with their electricity as the Florida Public Service Commission approved Tesla’s SolarLease option today. The ruling came after a long debate over the program to determine if it represented the sale of electricity to consumers, which is not allowed