Zero Mass Water Shrinks Its Panels – Cleantech Talk With Founder Cody Friesen

In this episode of our Cleantech Talk podcast interview series, Kyle Field sits down with the founder of Zero Mass Water, Cody Friesen, about the significant improvements the company has made with its new Rexi Hydropanels


Incomes grow as Pittsburgh’s population shrinks, PEW analysis finds

The study suggested that Pittsburgh and a handful of other cities — Buffalo and Utica, New York; Providence, Rhode Island; Springfield, Massachusetts, and Gulf … gas and fracking were the …

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Why is Antarctica’s sea ice spreading as the Arctic’s shrinks? – Cosmos


Why is Antarctica's sea ice spreading as the Arctic's shrinks?
Another is water running off Antarctica makes the surrounding ocean less salty, and thus more freezable. But these don't adequately explain why Antarctic sea ice is so healthy, even in a warmer climate. So Nghiem and colleagues mapped sea ice extent …
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Nasa reveals why sea ice in Antarctica has INCREASED while the Arctic meltsDaily Mail
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