New York Could Soon Reject Fracking Waste From Pennsylvania

While hydrofracking hasn’t moved forward in New York, for years, the state has opened its doors to tons of fracking waste from Pennsylvania. According to Environmental Advocates of New York, between …

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Little NASA Electric Airplane Soon Coming To Life

We’ve covered NASA’s development of a little electric airplane since 2016, when staff at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center and Langley Research Center took delivery of a modified Tecnam P2006T fuselage that would be used to build the X-57 (aka Maxwell)


Now Might Be A Good Time To Buy A Used Tesla Model 3 — Or Maybe Soon

With the coronavirus pandemic and related economic crisis well underway, and perhaps also with the arrival of the Model Y (it’s unclear if this is related), there are some signs of hope for potential used Model 3 buyers


Tesla Autopilot Mystery Solved — HW3 Full Potential Soon To Be Unlocked

In June 2019 after Tesla’s Autonomy Investor Day, we did a deep dive into Tesla’s HW3 chip that explored the various capabilities and potential of the HW3 processor system on a chip (SoC). I may have geeked out a little and made that a bit too technical, so I will try not to repeat that mistake in this article. Long story short, HW3 is a total beast. It is very different from the NVIDIA chip Tesla was using in the previous generation


Tesla “Party Mode” Coming Soon, Spotted By Hacker

It has almost been a year since Tesla CEO Elon Musk teased a new Keep Climate On feature specially designed for party animals and campers — now a Tesla hacker who goes by the name of “green” just released a screenshot showing the new “Party Mode” button added to the climate options


Fisker Says It Will Bring $40,000 Electric SUV With About 300 Mile Range To Market Soon

Fisker, Inc. says it will introduce an all electric SUV with up to 300 miles of range that sells for under $ 40,000 before the end of 2021. But first, it needs a factory to build the car.


Despite palm oil polemic, Total’s La Mède plant to start soon

Amid controversy over its planned use of imported palm oil, Total SA received an operating license in mid-May for its La Mède biorefinery in the south of France. In 2015 the French oil giant began plans to convert its crude refinery in La Mède to produce …

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Antarctica’s Waters May Soon Harbor a Boom of Baby Humpback … – Smithsonian


Antarctica's Waters May Soon Harbor a Boom of Baby Humpback …
During the late 19th to the early 20th centuries, the whaling industry reduced the population of humpback whales across the globe to near extinction. But now, the large mammals known for their haunting songs may be bouncing back in some places
TODAYonline | Humpback whale baby boom near AntarcticaTODAYonline
Humpback whale populations are on the rise in Antarctica | Big ThinkBig Think (blog)
Stunning close encounter with humpback whales [Video]Yahoo News UK

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Tesla Pickup Coming Immediately After Model Y, & Tesla Clean Energy To Boom Soon (#ElonTweets)

Just yesterday, I ran through a bunch of hypotheticals, delivery estimates, and financial assumptions for Tesla for the year 2022. One of those was the assumption that Tesla would have a pickup truck on the market by 2022 — and hitting 55,000 deliveries a year by 2022. Another assumption was that Tesla’s energy generation and storage revenue would approximately triple from 2017 to

Confidence grows that extreme weather pattern will soon envelop Northern Hemisphere – Mashable


Confidence grows that extreme weather pattern will soon envelop Northern Hemisphere
The stage is set for a dramatic change in the weather pattern across the Northern Hemisphere during the next seven to 10 days. That change will likely bring a brutal Arctic blast across the Midwest and eastern U.S., put Western Europe into the deep

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