600 Researchers to Spend a Whole Year Trapped in the Ice

On 20 September 2019, the German research icebreaker Polarstern left Tromsø, Norway, for what could be the biggest Arctic research …

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SpendEdge Forecasts a Spend Growth of Over USD 26 Billion for the Palm Oil Market

SpendEdge, a global procurement market intelligence firm, has announced the release of its Global Palm Oil Market – Procurement Intelligence Report. This press release features multimedia. View the …

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Trump Cheers Exxon Plan to Spend $20B on Gulf Coast Projects

Woods said hydraulic fracturing has “opened up a whole new energy future for … It also wants to build a new chemicals plant at a location yet to be determined along the Gulf. The sum of $ 20 billion …

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Ships Spend Hundreds Of Thousands Of Hours A Year Trawling In Europe’s Marine-Protected Areas

When you picture a marine protected area, you might think of a diverse ecosystem where fish, sharks and corals thrive in a healthy, protected habitat. You probably don’t imagine industrial fishing operations scraping the depths of the ocean with large trawling nets


Kenya Pipeline to Spend Millions Over Oil Leak Detection Blunder

A costly blunder during the construction of a Sh48 billion pipeline from Mombasa to Nairobi is set to bleed Kenya Pipeline Company more money after an oil spill occurred in Makueni barely a year …

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Spend shale revenues on renewables and energy efficiency, says fracking service company

The idea by Remsol, which has worked on fracking waste treatment, was published on Wednesday (10/08/2016) with little attention. In a policy paper the company proposed using revenues from fracking for solar panels, heat pumps, double glazing and loft and …
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This Man Will Spend 80 Days Walking Antarctica Alone – National Geographic

This Man Will Spend 80 Days Walking Antarctica Alone
National Geographic
I would like the world to be sufficiently able to harness renewable energy so as to not even contemplate exploiting Antarctica. Polar adventurers often pretend to be scientists and say that they are going to "raise awareness of global warming" etc, etc
My brother-in-law isn't just a relative of mine, but a hero as wellThe Independent

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Air New Zealand Winners Spend Two Weeks in Antarctica – The Awl

Air New Zealand Winners Spend Two Weeks in Antarctica
The Awl
Last year, Air New Zealand searched the globe to send one passionate person to Antarctica to join National Geographic photographer, Jason Edwards, on an epic adventure to help show the importance of the impact that climate change has on our planet.

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China to spend USD 400 billion for environment protection – MSN India

Beijing, Nov 11 (PTI) China today announced plans to invest over USD 400 billion in the next four years for environment protection as a new survey showed that the country had become the top emitter of greenhouse gases. China plans to invest over three …
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You are left 61,250 dollars or 30,000 pounds in a will what eco friendly product would you spend it on?

Imagine, your Aunt dies and leaves you money in her will equivalent to 30,000 British Pounds. The only clause is that you have to spend it on an environmentally friendly product/service/item or issue. And you MUST SPEND it or it is given to the local cat’s home. What would you buy?