Oil leak in Shelby spreads to the street

Inky black pools and rivers streamed onto the street as city workers and firefighters tried to corral an oil leak with piles of sand and kitty litter Friday. The leak came from a 7,000-gallon oil tank…

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Oil spill spreads in waters – Jakarta Post

Channel News Asia

Oil spill spreads in waters
Jakarta Post
Crude oil spewed into the sea off the southern coast of South Korea on Friday, after a Singapore-registered oil tanker collided with oil pipelines, according to the Korea Coast Guard. The spillage at a quay off Yeosu, South Jeolla Province, happened
S Korea cleans up after oil spillChannel News Asia
205 times more oil spilled in Yeosu than originally estimated: Yeosu maritime Arirang News
Tanker collision in S.Korea spills 164 tons of oilXinhua
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Nigeria Exxon spill spreads for miles along coast

An oil spill at an ExxonMobil facility offshore from the Niger Delta has spread at least 20 miles from its source, coating waters used by fishermen in a film of sludge.

A Reuters reporter visiting several parts of Akwa Ibom state saw a rainbow-tinted oil slick stretching for 20 miles from a pipeline that Exxon had shut down because of a leak a week ago. Locals scooped it into jerry cans.

Mark Ward, the managing director of ExxonMobil’s local unit, said a clean up had been mobilized, and he apologized to affected communities for the spill.

Exxon said last Sunday it had shut a pipeline off the coast of Akwa Ibom state after an oil leak whose cause was unknown.

“This is the worst spill in this community since Exxon started its operations in the area,” said Edet Asuquo, 40, a fisherman in the Mkpanak community, as women scooped oil into buckets. In some marshy areas, plants were poking out of the slick, not yet dead and blackened by the oil.

“The fishermen cannot fish any longer and have no alternative means of survival,” Asuquo said.

Source: Nigeria Exxon spill spreads for miles along coast

Environment: NorCal oyster farm dispute spreads to Capitol Hill – Statesman Journal

POINT REYES NATIONAL SEASHORE, Calif. — A creaky wooden scow piled high with gnarled oysters slides over the water toward wooden racks hung with rows of the shellfish on Drakes Estero, a stunning estuary teeming with marine and bird life. Then …
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Teaching stuff’ about ecology: Animated Web video spreads environmental message … – Kansas City Star

Annie Leonard used to spout jargon. She reveled in the sort of geek-speak that glazes your eyeballs. Externalized costs, paradigm shifts, the precautionary principle, extended producer responsibility. That was before she …
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Along Gulf coast highway, anxiety spreads with oil – Birmingham News

(AP) — ALONG THE GULF COAST – It’s barely 5 a.m., and last night’s sliver of moon still hangs in a charcoal sky as Dave Marino eases the 24-foot bayboat from the dock and into the flat, dark waters of the canal leading …
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