Apple Says It Will Start Production Of Its Self-Driving Car By 2024

Apple has announced that it is moving forward with its self-driving car technology after all, and will start production in


Extreme Fall Start Marked by Unusual Heat, Snow and Cold Records in the United States – The Weather Channel

Extreme Fall Start Marked by Unusual Heat, Snow and Cold Records in the United States  The Weather Channel

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Tesla Master Plan In Action … Tesla Battery R&D … Elon Musk’s $2,000 Start — #CleanTechnica Top 20

The most popular CleanTechnica articles last week covered Tesla’s 2006 master plan, potential battery progress from Tesla’s battery R&D team, the start of Elon Musk’s journey in North America, the Tesla Model 3’s ranking as the 9th best selling car in the United States, and much more


Auto Experts: Tesla Has 7-Year Head Start Over Legacy Automakers

Cynthia Shahan I CleanTechnicaThe automotive and oil industries dominate the global economy, and both are on the cusp of revolutionary change. The ramifications of this are endless, and when auto industry experts start discussing the current state of affairs with an open mind, the conversation can take some very interesting turns


Fracking in Ohio: Amid industry activity, residents start their own shale gas-related health registry

He’s also concerned that this area has become a dumping ground for fracking wastewater, a high salinity, chemical-laced brine. Sengenic doesn’t think the state is ensuring that his drinking …

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Santos cleared to start shale drilling in Australia’s Northern Territory

The ban was lifted last year with recommendations for strict new rules to govern fracking, or hydraulic fracturing … plan to drill in the McArthur Basin after the company revised its wastewater …

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Breaking — Tesla Model S & X Refresh Production Test Run Is About To Start

As has been mentioned in previous articles, it has been rumored Tesla is about to refresh the Model S & X. While at this point we don’t know exactly what this refresh will include, we did just find out one very specific detail. Tesla has just shipped hundreds of new drive units from Gigafactory 1 as part of “Project Raven.”


Palm Oil’s Best Start Since 2016 Still Has Legs, Top Grower Says

Palm oil prices may extend a rally through the second quarter as a recovery in demand for the commodity gathers momentum amid a seasonal drop in production, according to a top producer. Demand for the …

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COP24 Off To A Rocky Start As Previous Leaders Call For “Unequivocal Message”

The 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, better known as COP24, got underway on Sunday in Katowice, Poland, to something of a rocky start, despite a call from previous COP Presidents to “send an unequivocal message … for enhanced ambition by 2020 that puts the world on a trajectory compatible with the objectives of the Paris Agreement.”


Gas fracking to start in England again next week after 7-year halt

The government, keen to cut Britain’s reliance on gas imports which soared to more than 50% of supplies earlier this year, gave consent for Cuadrilla to go ahead with fracking again in northwest Engla…

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