Sweden Takes Another Step Toward Freedom From Fossil Fuels

Gasoline and diesel vehicle bans became all the rage for a while a few years ago. One country after another announced plans or potential plans to stop selling fossil fuel vehicles by a certain year — 2030, 2040,


Battery Incentives Meet VPPs: The Next Step For Battery Attractiveness In Australia

Enabling households to tap into battery value streams additional to the standard ‘solar self-consumption’ approach will be crucial in driving uptake by making batteries more attractive. These include hard, financial benefits like virtual power plant (VPP) participation revenues (for energy market participation as well as grid services) which help shorten payback periods, as well as non-financial benefits such as improved energy self-reliance and blackout protection


Japan’s decision to leave IWC is out of step with global efforts to rebuild the health of the oceans

expanding ‘dead zones’, plastics entering marine food chains and destruction of key habitats such as mangroves and coral reefs. The latest IPCC report points out how the effects of climate change are …

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Florida Government Publicly Takes Step to Ban Fracking in Florida

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection should begin the rulemaking process immediately and be sure to prohibit all forms of fracking including hydraulic fracturing, matrix acidizing and ac…

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Breaking News: Elon Musk Settles With SEC, Will Stay On As CEO But Step Aside As Chairman

CNBC is reporting that Elon Musk and Tesla have settled the lawsuit brought last Thursday by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) alleging fraud as a result of Musk’s biggest August tweet, a tweet saying he was considering taking the company private and had already lined up the investors he needed to make that happen (“funding secured”)


European Union & California Step Up Carbon Market Cooperation

The European Union and the US State of California announced last week at the Global Climate Action Summit held in San Francisco their intention to strengthen their bilateral cooperation on carbon markets to maximize and leverage climate action


Tesla Lawyers Step In To Clarify Confusing Elon Musk Statement During Earnings Call

Tesla has walked back some of the comments made by Elon Musk at the Q4 earnings call in a new filing with the SEC with regard to battery production for the Model 3, but the basic production targets have not changed.


Fuel Switching: An Essential Step Towards A Decarbonized Future

appliance efficiency

By Indradeep Ghosh, PhD Cupertino, CA About 80% of the world’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are a direct or indirect result of extraction and burning of fossil fuels – a process that needs to stop to put the brakes on global climate change. The concept of fuel switching is simply the process of replacing dirty, [&hellip

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Bonita takes another step toward banning fracking

In recent years, fracking, the process of extracting oil and natural gas by fracturing … Acid fracking uses acid solutions, usually hydrochloric acid, to fracture the rock. • Acidizing, which does not involve high pressure, dissolves rock formation.
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Congressional Democrats Seek To Step Up Fracking Oversight

Of particular concern is making sure their waterways are not contaminated by waste from fracking, which uses millions of gallons of high-pressure water mixed with sand and chemicals to break apart rocks rich in oil and gas. That process leaves behind a …
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