Palm Oil: Are There Health Benefits?

Palm oil is made from the fruit of the African oil palm. It’s been an important type of oil for several millennia, however, over the past several decades, it has become one of the most produced oils …

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There Was An Attempted Cybersecurity Attack On Tesla — Fortunately, It Was Thwarted

I’m going to start this article with a disclaimer: I am a huge Tesla fan, still have some fractional shares in the company, and believe in its mission. I believe in Elon Musk and love what he stands for. With that said, I’m ecstatic to know that before the news of this cybersecurity attack on Tesla broke, the culprit was caught and no damage to the company was done. 


CATL Says It Has A Million Mile Battery. Is There A Connection To Tesla?

CATLCATL says it has a battery ready for sale that has a 16-year life and can power an electric car for 2 million kilometers.


There is 2,000 year old water is trapped in the ocean and scientists think they know why

Back in 2017, scientists thought they may have found the answer to the mysterious ‘shadow zone’ in the centre of the Pacific Ocean. This trough, roughly two kilometres below the surface, reportedly …

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Yes, climate change can affect extreme weather – but there is still a lot to learn – The Conversation UK

Yes, climate change can affect extreme weather – but there is still a lot to learn  The Conversation UK

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There Are No “Missing Ventilators” — Elon & Tesla Kept Their Promise

Elon Musk is taking some serious heat for giving away ventilators. CNN published an article that claimed that Elon Musk didn’t give any hospitals in California any ventilators


Automotive Expert Sandy Munro On The Tesla Model Y “Lots of Room in There”

We have covered expert Sandy Munro and his company Munro & Associates multiple times on CleanTechnica over the years. When the Tesla Model 3 first came out, Munro led the charge to call Tesla out for out of spec panel gaps. For a short period, the corporate media preceded to interview and quote him often. [&hellip


Is there a technological solution to aquatic dead zones?

Could pumping oxygen-rich surface water into the depths of lakes, estuaries, and coastal ocean waters help ameliorate dangerous dead zones? New work led by Carnegie’s David Koweek and Ken Caldeira …

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Volkswagen Group Aiming To Produce 3 Million Electric Vehicles In 2025 — How Might It Get There?

Volkswagen Group has been spending a lot of time these days focused on its electrification plans — or e-mobility, as they call it in Europe. Some take this as simply PR, but I think the sales targets are real and we know the company has launched an initial electric car factory and is investing tens of billions of euros into batteries and EV development


“There Is A Special Place In Hell For Women Who Don’t Help Other Women”

We talk with Sheila Oparaocha from ENERGIA about gender, energy, poverty, and politics