Small earthquakes at fracking sites may be early indicators of bigger tremors to come, say Stanford scientists

Scientists say these large earthquakes were caused by injections of wastewater from fracking sites into deep underground wells, and not by fracking operations closer to the surface. “These were some of the first earthquakes related to shale-gas …
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Could humans trigger a MEGA-QUAKE? Intensity of man-made tremors from fracking is on the rise, claims study

This is according to a new study that claims fracking is increasing the intensity of tremors. Pumping millions of gallons of wastewater increases pressure in the basement rock layer, which sits below a sedimentary cover and often contains oil and other …
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Oklahoma Earthquakes 2015: Tremors Rise As Oklahoma Officials Struggle To Stem Fracking Wastewater Flow

NORMAN, Oklahoma — The ground shook throughout Oklahoma in recent days, including near the crucial Cushing oil storage hub. A 4.5-magnitude earthquake struck Oct. 10 just miles from the fields of white round tanks that hold the largest share of U.S …
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Political tremors: Kansas officials link earthquakes to fracking-related process

During hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” operators use a mixture of saltwater and chemicals to break underground rock formations in order to release oil and gas. Then, to get rid of the water, operators inject it deep into disposal wells.
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