Volcanic activity, declining ocean oxygen triggered mass extinction of ancient organisms

Global climate change, fueled by skyrocketing levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide, is siphoning oxygen from today’s oceans at an alarming pace — so fast that scientists aren’t entirely sure how the planet will respond. Global climate change, fueled by …

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Earthquakes triggered by fracking, not just wastewater disposal, study finds

Hydraulic fracturing drives earthquakes in western Canada, according to research published Thursday in Science. The results defy the often-touted belief that the disposal of wastewater is the sole source of man-made earthquakes with fossil fuel extraction …
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Florida Fracking Battle, Triggered by Oil Firm Revelation, Intensifies Across State

It calls for a moratorium on “high pressure stimulation” — hydraulic or acid fracking, but not matrix acidizing, which does not create cracks but helps enhance the process — until state environmental regulators complete a peer-reviewed study.
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Faraway Earthquake Triggered Antarctica Icequakes – Yahoo News

Science AAAS

Faraway Earthquake Triggered Antarctica Icequakes
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Icequakes are seismic tremblings caused by sudden movement within a glacier or ice sheet, such as from a fracturing crevasse. (Anyone who has dropped an ice cube into a glass of water knows ice snaps under stress.) [Listen to Antarctica's Icequakes].
Chile earthquake triggered icequakes in AntarcticaScience AAAS
Chilean earthquake triggered icequakes in AntarcticaABC Science Online
2010 Chilean earthquake causes icequakes in AntarcticaPhys.Org
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Firing fracking wastewater into the earth likely triggered Okla.’s many earthquakes

Pumping wastewater from natural gas drilling sites into wells buried deep underground is probably why Oklahoma is experiencing more small earthquakes than California, a new study says. Like previous research, the study said hydraulic fracturing for gas …
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