Solar Power Employs Twice As Many As Coal In US

According to a report produced by the National Association of State Energy Officials and the Energy Futures Initiative, there are more than twice as many solar power jobs in the US as coal industry jobs


Pipeline leak near Amherst nearly twice as big as originally believed

There are 42 gallons in a barrel of oil, so about 407,400 gallons leaked using the new, larger number of barrels. Repairs have since been made. TransCanada resumed using the pipeline 12 days after the leak. “The remediation work on the property has been …

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Another OPEC Promise: Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me

Finally, the fracking industry is said to have foresworn chasing equity … The Institute monitors the Houston and Gulf Coast business cycle, analyzing how oil markets, the national economy and global expansion influence the regional economy.
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It’s a problem that an iceberg over twice the size of Paris just broke off Antarctica – Quartz


It's a problem that an iceberg over twice the size of Paris just broke off Antarctica
A piece of ice two and a half times the size of Paris (or roughly four-and-a-half Manhattans) broke off from West Antarctica over the weekend. It's not unprecedented, but it has ice scientists worrying. On Saturday (Sept. 23), satellite-observation
Pine Island Glacier: Manhattan-sized Antarctica iceberg breaks offUSA TODAY
Warm waters tripled the amount of ice lost in these Antarctic glaciers — and that's bad for sea level riseThe Verge
Iceberg that broke off Antarctica was 4 times the size of Manhattan …CBS News
The Indian Express –Business Insider –Washington Post –Ohio State University
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Enormous cavern twice the size of Grand Canyon ‘discovered in Antarctica’ –

Enormous cavern twice the size of Grand Canyon 'discovered in Antarctica'
Researchers at Durham University have been analysing satellite images of Antarctica and believe that buried under the snow and ice is a previously undiscovered chasm which measures over 1,000kilometres (621miles) in length and a km in depth at points.
Vast Find Made in Unknown Region of AntarcticaNewser
The World's Largest Canyon Could Be Hiding Under the Ice of AntarcticaPopular Mechanics
World's largest canyon discovered beneath
Newsweek –Times of India –Popular Science
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Environment group: Bluefin tuna under pressure as twice as much traded as quotas allow for – Washington Post

BRUSSELS — Over twice as much of the rare eastern Atlantic bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean is traded than catch quotas allow for, according to a scientific study released Tuesday, further threatening the survival of the dinnertime favorite at sushi …
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