Palm Oil Monthly Update ‒ October 2020

CME USD Malaysian Crude Palm Oil Volume and Open Interest In September 2020, CME crude palm oil volume totaled 10,021 lots (250,525 metric tons) and the end-of-month open …

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10 Ideas About What Happens After Tesla Releases Next Autopilot Update

This morning, Tesla CEO (Chief Engineering Officer) Elon Musk tweeted that a limited release of Tesla’s “Full Self Driving” (FSD) software would roll out next Tuesday, October 20. In response, one commenter on our article noted


UPDATE 1-Algeria’s Sonatrach says it controlled oil leaks

Algeria’s Sonatrach said on Friday it had controlled two oil leaks that occurred earlier in the OK1 pipeline due to bad weather.

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Tesla Giga Berlin Update — Yet Another Roof Goes Up (Videos)

As the end of August approaches, let’s check in again on the construction progress at Tesla’s Berlin Gigafactory. Guess what? There’s yet another roof going up, this time on the body-in-white building


Knapp update: Oil leak found, crosswalk changes coming

While preparing to remove the oil tank, Slawter and Schneider told the board, an unexpected problem was found: leaks from the oil tank, which district records indicate could date back decades. Staff …

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Belski’s Blog – Update on 3 extreme weather events this week – WLKY Louisville

Belski’s Blog – Update on 3 extreme weather events this week  WLKY Louisville

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2020 State Legislative Session Update: Mixed Results Abound

These bills would have banned all forms of advanced well stimulation treatments, including hydraulic and acid fracturing, as well as low-pressure matrix acidizing. However, lacking support from …

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Coming Tesla Autopilot Update To Include Auto-Stopping At Red Lights & Stop Signs (Leaked Video)

The next Tesla Autopilot update will reportedly will give your car the superpower of stopping at red lights and stop signs by itself


Solar Powered Nissan Leaf — Video Update!

Nissan Leaf Charging Station (Video) Update!CleanTechnica and EVObsession appreciate the innovative, including early EV adopters. Although we support the wonders of icons such as Elon Musk and his oh so Zen Teslas, we also value every other EV. Being an old organic farmer raised in innovative cultures of do-it-yourself lifestyles, I certainly value action-oriented individuals such as Sam Elliot. Sam is one of the doers not afraid of smaller range EVs to live the zero-emissions way of life. His innovative work helping him to use a smaller-range EV without that any range anxiety is one to be validated and cheered