Squad Mobility Redefines Affordable With Its $6,300 Solar-Powered Urban Electric Vehicle

Squad Mobility solar-powered EVUpstart Squad Mobility set up shop in Amsterdam to develop a new generation of urban solar electric vehicles at truly affordable prices. And by affordable, they mean affordable, with a target retail price of €5,750 (ex. VAT) / $ 6,300


Australia Electric Vehicle Sales & Interest Soaring With Tesla Model 3 Arrival

Consumer interest in electric vehicles is rapidly growing Down Under. The latest report from Aussie EV industry group the Electric Vehicle Council (EVC) describes major increases in the number of consumers that are researching and/or considering buying EVs


The Electric Vehicle Revolution Is About To Get Messy

Those of us who have followed the electric vehicle market for several years (or, for some of you, decades) can easily get complacent about where the EV revolution is and where it’s headed. We can be lulled into a semi-sleeping state by monthly sales reports, by routinely seeing EV market share of 1–2% in some markets, 5–10% in others, and 50% in Norway. We can be blown away by the Tesla Model 3’s success, while at the same time underestimating what it means


Tesla Model 3 = 67% of US Electric Vehicle Sales in 2nd Quarter

I prefer comparing the Tesla Model 3 to its gasoline competitors, but it’s also logical to compare the Model 3 to other electric vehicles. In the old days, these were simply called EV sales reports, but the US electric vehicle market is so unbalanced at the moment that it’s hard to ignore the elephant in the room — there’s the Model 3, and there’s everything else


Tesla Model 3 = 10th Best Selling Vehicle In Sweden … In July!

The Tesla Model 3 is no stranger to breaking records and even taking home the #1 vehicle position in European countries, but that has historically just occurred in the third month of big quarters. Sweden has something to say about that


Nightmare On Woodward Avenue! US Vehicle Sales Continue Their Long Decline — With The Exception Of Teslas.

The US is heading for a down year in auto sales. The only bright spot is Tesla. So why is everyone bashing the one company that is succeeding at building US-made cars with American workers?


Electric Vehicle Incentives In 8 US States

In the US, the federal tax credit for electric vehicles has been cut in half from $ 7,500 to $ 3,750 for both Tesla and GM. Now, the current administration looks like it’s turning its back on clean cars. In the future, there could be some hope things change. But with the federal tax credit currently winding down, it’s worth investigating what electric car incentives also exist on the state level


Oil leak from scrap vehicle seeps into river in Topsail

The owner of a property in CBS is facing harsh backlash online after an oil leak on his property. We hear from an area resident, the owner of the property where the leak originated and finally from …

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Boom! Fossil Vehicle Sales Are Officially Now Decreasing In China, Europe, & USA — #CleanTechnica Report

Sales of fossil fuelled vehicles are now on the decline in the world’s three largest auto markets, and being replaced by electric vehicles. Fossil car sales will only decrease from here on out. EVs for the win!


European Electric Vehicle Invasion — Winners, Big Winners, & Champions

For those who follow the fully electric car market, 2016 was exciting. GM introduced the Chevy Bolt a full year ahead of Tesla’s Model 3. It was the first long-range affordable electric car in the United States. For many reasons, we did not really see it in most of Europe