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Keeling Curve PrizeHere’s your chance to make an impact on climate change


The Baltic Sea offers a preview of what’s to come with global warming

“Many of the pressures have hit here much earlier and more intensely than in other world regions,” said Thorsten Reusch, a marine ecologist based here at Germany’s largest ocean research … expansion …

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Trump and the Saudi effect: What’s really driving down oil prices?

The Gulf kingdom deserves some of the credit that US President … including expectations that the demand for oil will decrease and increased supplies from North American shale-fracking operations, an…

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Antarctica needs humans to protect it. It also needs humans to stay away. What’s a potential visitor to do? – PRI


Antarctica needs humans to protect it. It also needs humans to stay away. What's a potential visitor to do?
But Antarctica was different. It's “the closest you can get to leaving this planet," Ott says. “This was the first place ever that I had been where clearly people were not in charge.” No one even knew Antarctica existed until the late 1700s. It's

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‘What’s going on?’: Saint John residents demand answers in wake of Irving Oil butane leak

Some east Saint John residents are demanding answers after learning butane from a leak that forced the evacuation of their neighbourhood was still being detected nine days after they were allowed to go home. “My concern right now is, it is still going on?

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Nazis and pyramids: What’s really going on in Antarctica? | Newshub – Newshub


Nazis and pyramids: What's really going on in Antarctica? | Newshub
Antarctica is one of the last remaining unexplored places on Earth so it's no wonder theories are rife about what's really happening at the bottom of the world.

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What’s behind world’s recent extreme weather events? | Climate … –

What's behind world's recent extreme weather events? | Climate …
The past few weeks have seen catastrophic weather events around the world. Is climate change to blame?

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What’s Causing The Massive Increase In Earthquakes In Middle America? It’s Not Fracking

While fracking causes a lot of other environmental and health issues, it isn’t the root cause of Oklahoma’s increased earthquake activity. So, what is? The culprit is the massive DEEP WASTEWATER INJECTION of the by-product of shale oil and gas production.
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What’s Really In Antarctica’s Mysterious Blood Falls – National Geographic

National Geographic

What's Really In Antarctica's Mysterious Blood Falls
National Geographic
Located in Antarctica's McMurdo Dry Valleys, the falls pour forth from Taylor Glacier, and the liquid bubbles up from fissures in the glacier's surface. The flow was previously a mystery, as the mean temperature is 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit (-17 degrees
Scientists solve huge mystery in AntarcticaBABW News
The mystery of Antarctica's Blood Falls has been solvedSFGate
Mystery Of Antarctica's Blood Falls Is Finally SolvedForbes
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Elon Musk & Donald Trump — What’s The Deal?

Multiple people have asked me to chime in on the Elon Musk and Donald Trump “partnership.” The requests have popped up for months. I’ve also noticed a lot of commentary — on Twitter, here on CleanTechnica, and elsewhere — that implies Elon has turned evil or is sacrificing his morals by working with Trump

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