Vestas Introduces Low-Wind Variant Suited For India’s Wind Market

The global demand for sustainable energy solutions in low and ultra-low wind areas continues to grow as renewable technology improves in efficiency and cost


Look Out! Floating Offshore Wind Turbines Are Coming For Your Natural Gas

floating wind turbinesFloating offshore wind turbines are something of a rarity these days, but a proposed new 11-turbine wind farm indicates they are poised to go mainstream


Wind and freshwater rob Southern Ocean of oxygen

Increased freshwater from melting Antarctic ice sheets plus increased wind have reduced the amount of oxygen in the Southern Ocean and made it warmer and more acidic, geoscientists report. Researchers …

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US Electricity: Solar Up 15%, Wind Up 9%

“Small-scale solar photovoltaics (e.g., rooftop solar systems) alone grew by 19.22% YTD. Compared to all other energy sources, solar-generated electricity has enjoyed the fastest growth rate thus far in 2019.” Natural gas generation grew by 6.71%, nuclear energy generation grew by 0.8%, and coal-generated electricity generation declined by 14.46%


GE Renewable Energy Will Supply 26 Cypress Wind Turbines For Use In Sweden

GE Renewables Cypress wind turbineGE Renewables has been awarded a contract to install 26 of its Cypress wind turbines for a wind farm in Sweden. The Cypress turbines feature a two-part blade design.


100% Wind & Solar Energy At Research Lab In Antarctica

When Frank Sinatra crooned “If I can make here, I can make it anywhere,” he probably didn’t have Antarctica in mind, but the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica Research Station in East Antarctica proves that renewable energy from wind turbines and solar panels can power a community with zero emissions electricity anywhere in the world


Vattenfall & MHI Vestas Inaugurate 407 Megawatt Horns Reef 3 Offshore Wind Farm

Swedish energy group Vattenfall and offshore wind turbine manufacturer MHI Vestas joined with the Crown Prince of Denmark and Danish Prime Minister last Thursday to open the country’s largest offshore wind farm, the 407 megawatt (MW) Horns Reef 3. 


Wind Threatens to Spread 52-Mile Oil Sheen From Leaking Well

Wind is threatening to spread a growing 52-mile (84-kilometer) oil sheen in Indonesia from an undersea well that began leaking about two weeks ago into the Java Sea. State crude producer PT Pertamina …

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Large Swaths Of Incoming Solar & Onshore Wind Are Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels

A new report published this week by the International Renewable Energy Agency has found that 77% of onshore wind projects and 83% of utility-scale solar PV projects set to be commissioned in 2020 will be cheaper than the lowest fossil fuel-fired generation prices. 


Vestas Leads Record-Breaking First-Quarter Wind Turbine Order Intake

Global wind turbine order intake increased by 7% in the first quarter of 2019, eclipsing the previous record set a year earlier by 875 megawatts (MW), according to Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables.