Cleantech News Roundup: Alberta Tar Sands, Honda Clarity, Electric Maserati, Tesla Motorcycle, Wind Turbine Myth, & India’s Solar Appetite

In this edition of the cleantech news roundup, we’ve got a Honda Clarity review, a Tesla motorcycle nothingburger, an electric Maserati Alfieri GT, an electric Mustang and a Volvo 142 electric conversion, a debunked wind myth, Canada’s tar sands “investment” (which should be pronounced ‘money down the drain’), and even an easy sesame noodle recipe


Scottish Waters To Be Opened For “New Generation” Of Offshore Wind

New plans have been unveiled to lease the seabed around Scotland for a “new generation of offshore wind projects” that proponents of the technology hope will not only provide further and solid energy independence for the country but would also create incredible new jobs and investment. 


‘Hairdryer wind’ melts snow in Antarctica in winter as well … – Science Daily

'Hairdryer wind' melts snow in Antarctica in winter as well …
Science Daily
Even though the sun does not shine in Antarctica in winter, in some places snow on the glaciers can melt. The cause: warm wind. Utrecht glacier researchers discovered that fact by combining the results of weather stations and satellite images.
When warm winds blow in Antarctica's dark, freezing winter – NZ …New Zealand Herald
Why Antarctic snow melts even in winter – InfosurhoyInfosurhoy

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Siemens Gamesa To Build Australian 194 Megawatt Wind & Battery System

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy announced this week that it has been awarded the contract to build what it is calling a “pioneering” 194 megawatt (MW) onshore wind farm in the south of the country with a combined battery energy storage system. 


UK Wind Farms Provide 44% Of Electricity Demand

The wind was blowing strong across the UK on Saturday as the country’s wind turbines generated a new record of 14.3 gigawatts by the end of the day, and accounting for as much as 44.5% of total electricity demand during the mid- to late-afternoon


Wind Power Results In Very Few Bird Deaths Overall

Wind power critics sometimes try to say that this form of clean, renewable energy is bogus because a number of bird deaths result each year from collisions with wind turbines and towers. What they fail to mention is the context, so they leave out certain very key facts. The number of birds killed by wind turbines is relatively tiny


GateHouse Media Series on Wind Farms — Classic Case of Slanted Reporting

Wind power is one of the cheapest sources of electricity in the United States, and second only to solar in its popularity among Americans. Wind power is also a source of rapidly growing jobs. In fact, wind turbine technician is the second-fastest growing job in the US, just trailing the job of solar PV installer


Transmission Upgrades & Expansion Are Necessary To Meet Increasing Demand For Wind & Solar

transmission upgradesA newly released report from the Wind Energy Foundation (WEF) calls upon transmission planners to take into account the significant renewable energy demand of large non-utility customers, especially from Fortune 500 companies. That’s because big companies are increasingly signing deals to buy wind and solar power, and their large and growing demand for transmission upgrades may exceed existing plans


Extreme weather continues with dangerous cold, wind chills – WCVB Boston

WCVB Boston

Extreme weather continues with dangerous cold, wind chills
WCVB Boston
Those wind chills will make it feel several degrees below zero throughout the day. Friday evening, the wind chill is forecast to be between -10 and -20 and it will be even more extreme overnight. For that reason, eastern Massachusetts is under a wind

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Who Saved US Electric Vehicle, Solar Energy, & Wind Energy Tax Credits?

The United States Congress hasn’t yet passed a tax heist reform bill. However, word on the street is that it’s very close. Regarding clean energy tax credits and electric vehicle tax credits that were eliminated in previous versions of the bill, the rumors are that they are no longer going to be eliminated