The EV Annex OWL Is An Affordable Way To Add Wireless Phone Charging To The Model 3

Usually when we talk about charging here on CleanTechnica, it has to do with plugging in an electric car to juice up the batteries. The folks at EV Annex are all about electric vehicles, but their expertise is helping owners to make their vehicles fit their lifestyles. To do that, EV Annex developed a wireless Qi charging pad for the Model 3 that makes keeping your smartphone juiced up a breeze


How NYC Startup HEVO Is Taking Wireless Charging To The Next Level

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more technologically advanced and ever more popular among consumers. However, a big concern remains, how can we keep them charged? HEVO Power, a startup based in New York City, is working on just that


Tesla Model Y Engineer Job Opening, Hyundai Kona Gets Wireless Charging, & More (Electric SUV News)

Hyundai Kona electric SUVTesla recently posted a job opening for a Model Y engineer, suggesting it is moving forward with plans to produce its affordable electric SUV, but other companies are looking to get in on the fun as well


Wireless EV Charging Standard Finalized In Europe

Uniform technical standards are critical to the adoption of any new technology. Just imagine if every appliance manufacturer used plugs of its own design. Our homes would need a half a dozen types of electrical outlets and a welter of adapters in order to function. Having a standard design means we don’t even have to think about how to plug in our appliances. Wireless charging for EVs is a great idea, but until now it has been hampered by a lack of agreed technical standards

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Street Lighting Electricity Consumption Cut By 61% With LEDs & Wireless Controls


The city of West Richland, Washington, just completed an LED upgrade to its entire street lighting system, and the project is expected to reduce the system’s electric consumption by 61% and save the municipality $ 67,000 per year in energy costs. The city street lighting project, which included replacing more than 1000 high pressure sodium (HPS) [&hellip

Street Lighting Electricity Consumption Cut By 61% With LEDs & Wireless Controls was originally published on CleanTechnica.

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Drayson Racing Hooks Up With Qualcomm For Wireless Charging

Motorsports has a long history as a testbed for cutting edge automotive technology and now that the racing industry is pivoting to electric vehicles, the results could be stunning. In the latest development, the British motorsports R&D company Drayson Racing Technologies has just announced a partnership with Qualcomm for wireless EV charging in its motorsports products as well as consumer products, using Qualcomm’s Halo WEVC wireless charging system.

The WEVC system consists of pads at parking spots for stationary charging, and Qualcomm is also looking to develop on-road charging systems embedded in roadways.

Drayson Racing and Qualcomm

Drayson Racing may be better known for its work in racing-quality biofuels (it developed the first biofuel vehicle to win a Le Mans race), but the company has jumped into the EV market and is focusing on electric drivetrains and wireless charging.

The company’s formidable 850 horsepower Drayson B12 69/EV recently achieved a speed of 200 mph, ripping through the previous 39-year-old record for EV speed of 175 mph for sub-1000 kg EVs.

Concurrently, Drayson has also been instrumental in developing the new Formula E racing series in cooperation with the global motorsports organization FIA. The new competition is set to start in September 2014 in ten cities worldwide including Miami and Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Qualcomm has a long history in wireless electronics and it has emerged as a leader in wireless EV charging, with a wireless demonstration system installed in London last year.

Drayson Racing and Qualcomm team for wireless EV charging

Qualcomm wireless chargers courtesy of Drayson Racing.

Last January, Qualcomm Europe announced that it would promote its Qualcomm Halo™ WEVC technology through a sponsorship of the Drayson Racing Team for the Formula E series.

Drayson has tested Qualcomm’s custom 20kW wireless charging system on its B12/69EV, with an eye to both the racing and the consumer market. Along with setting the new flat speed record, one highlight has been the achievement of a new record for EV hill-climb, which took place at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Wireless EV Charging

All else being equal, wireless EV charging could be the final nail in the coffin for conventional gasoline vehicles, and for that matter, for any vehicle using liquid fuel. It’s hard to argue with the convenience factor of parking your car, hitting a button, and letting the magic of science take over.

Add on-road EV charging (a technology based on magnetic fields) to that equation and all bets are off.

That’s good enough news for the consumer market, and in the motorsports world it could be golden. Think of an “electrified” raceway as the real world version of those little slot car sets, and you can see the possibilities for a crowd-pleasing event.

FOX Hearts EVs!

Speaking of the new FIA Formula E series, you’ll never guess who just confirmed an international media deal with FIA for the Formula E series, unless you just read the subheading above.

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That’s right, FOX Sports, part of the FOX media empire, which here in the US serves partly as an echo chamber for conservative pundits, particularly in its negative coverage of EV tech.

It looks like that relationship is in for a big change, since the deal gives FOX exclusive rights to broadcast Formula E events in the US. The deal also gives FOX exclusive and non-exclusive rights in 80 other territories and countries.

Carlos Martinez, President Latin America for FOX International channels, was instrumental in setting up the deal. Here’s what Martinez said about the role that FOX will play in introducing millions of US viewers to zero-emission auto racing:

This series makes racing very relevant well into the future. With a global approach to acquiring knowledge and fast-tracking technology through the world of international racing competition, the FIA Formula E Championship is much more than just another weekend at the track…it makes racing an integral part of solving one of the world’s most daunting challenges and we are thrilled to be a part of that process.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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