Tesla To Increase Pay At Division In Germany By 30%, According To Works Council

Following ongoing disputes at the newly acquired firm now named Tesla Grohmann Automation, disputes related to worker compensation, the works council at the division in western Germany has revealed that an agreement has been made with management that will result in a new pay structure. The new pay structure will increase workers’ pay by around 30%

Oil Company Works to Contain Leak in Alaska’s North Slope

PRUDHOE BAY, Alaska (AP) — A Texas-based oil and gas company that last year said it discovered at least 6 billion barrels of oil under its land in northern Alaska is cleaning up more than 7,000 gallons (26,500 liters) of oil that leaked from a well.
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Top 10 CleanTechnica Stories of the Week (Dubai Rooftop Solar Mandate, Tesla Model X Production, How The Grid Works…)

dubai sunrise

Check ’em out: Rooftop Solar Power To Be Mandatory In Dubai By 2030 How The Grid Works, & Why Renewables Can Dominate Tesla Model X Production Kicks Into High Gear (CleanTechnica Exclusive) Tesla Model X Signature Series Deliveries Begin! (via EV Obsession) Tesla Fremont Factory Tour Video Shows Model X Assembly EV News — Model X Pics, [&hellip

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Yes, Tinder Works in Antarctica – Mashable

Yes, Tinder Works in Antarctica
If you're in the frozen tundra that is Antarctica and find it difficult to meet new people, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Two scientists on the frigid continent found one another using Tinder, the popular location-based dating app, New York
Tinder Matches Scientists in AntarcticaInternational Business Times AU

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Confirmed: Tinder Works in Antarctica – The Atlantic

Confirmed: Tinder Works in Antarctica
The Atlantic
Yes, in Antarctica! New York magazine tells the story of a couple connected, over the snowy tundra, via Tinder. She was a researcher doing work at a deep field camp in the Dry Valleys. He was doing research, too—at the U.S.-funded McMurdo Station on 
Tinder Makes Its First Match in AntarcticaNew York Magazine
Tinder Just Made Its First Match In AntarcticaBusiness Insider
Tinder Fiends Find Each Other in AntarcticaBetabeat
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Kenneth Feinberg, Gulf Oil Spill Claims Czar, Says New Rules Are In The Works To Help Shrimpers –

— The administrator of the $20 billion fund set up to compensate individuals and businesses hurt by last year’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill said Thursday new rules are being formulated to make payouts more generous for hard-hit shrimpers …
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Fundraiser Obama works in tough money environment – AP –

This is no 2008, when money seemed to fall from the sky for a young senator named Barack Obama. In theory, fundraising should be even easier this time for the Democrat who shattered money records in his first White House campaign. He’s the president now …
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Vietnam works to detect unexploded ordnance, first phase of Agent Orange cleanup with US

HANOI, Vietnam — Vietnam on Friday started the first phase of a joint plan with former enemy the United States to clean up environmental damage leftover from the chemical defoliant Agent Orange, a lasting legacy from the Vietnam War. The work concentrates on a former U.S. military base in central Vietnam where the herbicide was stored during the war that ended more than three decades ago. It …
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Defendant in Racketeering Suit Works as U.S. Consultant on Gulf Spill

An environmental consulting firm named as a defendant in a racketeering suit filed by Chevron Corp. over a landmark pollution…
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China works to improve innovative environment for global cooperation: official – Xinhua News Agency

BEIJING, March 21 (Xinhua) — China will further strengthen regulations to protect intellectual property rights to create a more innovative environment for foreign businesses, government officials said here Monday. “In the context of globalization, the …
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