The Gulf Of Mexico’s Massive “Dead Zone” Will Persist For Decades To Come

Although climate change is the primary antagonist in the open ocean, coastal regions are suffocating too as agricultural runoff is triggering biochemical cycles that draw away vast reserves of oxygen. One so-called “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico …

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Don’t look now, but the Gulf of Mexico’s “dead zone” is the biggest yet.

Excess fertilizer from farms runs down streams and rivers into the Gulf, prompting algae bloom outbreaks that … Pruitt was overstepping when he tried to delay Obama-era rules on fracking. The new ruling affirms a previous court decision from July.
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Southwest WV a Sacrifice Zone; Pipeline Comment Period Ends Today

It serves as a Trojan horse that also will encourage fracking locally in Kanawha … FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, linked the Mountaineer Xpress and the Gulf Express pipelines into one Draft Environmental Impact Statement.
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Earthquake terror in UK feared as fracking could create ‘tremor zone crisis’

In the US – where there are around 1million active fracking wells – the waste water is disposed of in underground wells in a process known as re-injection. Research from the United States Geological Society (USGS) shows that re-injection has caused …
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Into the cold zone: UAV platform flies high in Antarctica : GPS World – GPS World magazine

GPS World magazine

Into the cold zone: UAV platform flies high in Antarctica : GPS World
GPS World magazine
In February, mechatronics lead Kevin Bass of Intuitive Machines and contracted pilot Mike Laible successfully flew multiple runs with an unmanned aerial …

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California methane leak impact zone doubles in size

“This is bad what’s going on up there. It needs to stop and it needs to be shut down.” To stop the leak, the utility company, Southern California Gas, is drilling down 8,000 feet and using a relief well to intersect the leaking pipe and plug it up.
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New test results due from Wyoming hydraulic fracturing zone – Minnesota Public Radio

ABC News

New test results due from Wyoming hydraulic fracturing zone
Minnesota Public Radio
(AP) — The U.S. Geological Survey plans to release results Wednesday from new groundwater tests in Wyoming where another agency linked hydraulic fracturing to contaminants found in two water wells and residents complained of chemicals polluting their
Diesel in Water Near Fracking Confirm EPA Tests Wyoming DisputesBusinessweek

Diesel Compounds Found in Water Near Wyoming Fracking SiteSan Francisco Chronicle
New fracking tests show inconsistencyTulsa World
Houston Chronicle
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Bulgaria’s Environment Minister halts two construction projects in Bansko ski zone – Sophia Echo

Bulgarian Environment Minister Nona Karadjova has rejected a plan by local firm Yulen, the concession-holder of ski facilities in Bansko winter resort, to upgrade the existing ski lift and drag, according to the ministry’s website. The minister gave the …
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High country ought stay a cattle no-go zone

The Baillieu government’s decision to reintroduce cattle into the Alpine National Park not only snubs 80 years of research highlighting the environmental damage they can do, it also undermines co-operative management of Australia’s alpine parks.
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Work zone: Results-only environment creates efficient workplace – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

It has become a radical notion that the people who know how to get a job done in the best way are the people who do the job. It is even further into the realm of a revolution in most businesses that people can do their jobs without having to spend eight …
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